Puzzelled Puzzler

Every job has problems. A key consideration in choosing a career is determining what kind of problems you enjoy solving.

I work mostly with people who have a passion for trying to figure out one of the greatest challenges: How to help people help themselves. In problem speak, how to help people to solve their own problems, or at the very least know where to go or have the courage to ask.

This may seem like a deficit model of living that focuses on working through challenges only to clear the path for the next one. But there is truth to that view because its life no matter how you slice it. Some call it the pursuit of balance other call it stress management. Regardless how we take on the day lets not forget to find the beauty and choose today to repeat one or both of the following “truisms”

– If it don’t kill yas it will make yas stronger!
– Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.


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