Sporting Global Unity

It’s a great week for global unity
Are you a hockey fan or a football fan? Neither or both?

While less than 20% of the world awaits the deciding game of the Stanley Cup the rest of the 6 billion who share this planet (and have electricity) are tuning into World Cup football. AKA, in North America only, soccer.

While the Olympics are touted as the great games that unite the world, the truth is that it is a very select few who access Olympic sports and rise to the top. Compared to world football that is played in every nation on earth in leagues, beaches, playgrounds and streets. Some 120 million regular players. The popularity is not surprising because it is accessible to both rich and poor. After all it’s a simple formula to play – all you need is an imagination and a ball.

It still gives me a chuckle when the “World Series” of baseball features only US teams. It’s hard to remember living so close to the media giant that there is a “rest of the world.” It is especially interesting that of 500 channels available to North American satellite users only 2 channels are carrying World Cup football. Yet the 2002 World Cup garnered over 200 million viewers, nearly twice that of the 2004 Olympics opening ceremony.

Having said all that, I will be cheering for an Oilers victory in the deciding match. But I will also be smiling knowing that there is a much bigger game being watched by rich and poor, North and South, East and West. The real world series in sport is a true celebration of humanity coming together with a common goal, to enjoy the peoples’ game. While this virtue of unity for a common cause may not cease all wars we can at least consider it as a worthy aspiration that someday the only shots fired in the future as humanity evolves may be on the soccer pitch.

Where or how could the Virtue of Unity for a common cause enhance you personal or working experience


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