Could you make use of a light weight portable stress-buster device that when applied in a timely and safe manner can instantly flush the stress hormome cortisol from your system giving lasting relief from anxiety and tension?

Reports from field testing indicate success in thawing the tension of interpersonal conflict as well. (See report below)

Those who have taken my Energize Work seminar may already have received this device as part of boosting your wellness regime.

What is this device you ask?

Easy to administer for about 90%* of the population. This low tech device is available at most party stores and while it comes in a variety of colours, I personally recommend red.

I suggest you pick up at least 3 and have them at work, in the car and at home, particularly on the bedside table.

The device I am recommending is a red foam clown nose. I have one for helping me fall asleep (partner usage optional). I have another one for heavy commuter traffic. When applied, other cars miraculously let you in front on them!

The uses are endless and get results in surprising ways as per this one workshop participant’s field report. Another great reason to put this in your wellness shopping cart.

Dear Peter
I would like to take this opportunity to write and say thank you for the recent Energize Work workshop.

Our environment at work can be exceptionally stressful with tight deadlines. I believe that the information from your workshop will help me deal with the stress and sometimes uptight people.

I know the red nose can work at home as well. Last evening after a very long day – left home at 7:30 am and did not arrive home until 8:45 pm – my husband met me at the door with his list of trouble: the car quit and I had to walk almost 2 miles to a gas station; the water pump broke and flooded part of the basement; YOUR mother called and I had to talk to her for over 15 minutes, etc., etc., the list was getting long.

I sat down my briefcase, which promptly fell open and out rolled the red clown nose.

I put on the nose and turned around and smiled at him, and he began laughing. I actually got a hug.


* Works well for 90% of folks* for approximately 10% of the population, using clown noses can have the reverse effect due to the complications arising from coulrophibia.

More on coulrophibia, the fear of clowns


2 Responses to Chucklevoker

  1. Alima Albert says:

    Your article sounds with some new type of things. I was not aware of this type of thing and for the 1st time I came through but I feel some how I am related to this and by following your blog I can get some effective result for my problems.



  2. Lori Ford says:

    Thank you for the reminder about the red nose……I received mine back in April of this year at the Administrative Seminar you participated in as a guest speaker in Moncton, and I have used it a few times myself, and the results are very positive! It’s Wellness Month in Canada, and our team is participating in a number of wellness activities over the next few weeks.

    I think I’ll post your note about the red nose on our bulletin board for everyone to see and I’ll also pick up a few extra red noses for our folks!


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