Funny or What?

What makes something funny?
There is a Monty Python sketch where the worlds funniest joke is revealed and people drop like flies as they literally “die laughing.”

I once told the following joke to a group of middle managers who work hard in the trenches of the Federal government bureaucracy.

Q. What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?
A. When the manager is taking a group though the overgrowth in the forest they encourage the team to keep going, sharpen the machete and carve out the trail. The leader, on the other hand, climbs the tallest tree, surveys the view and proclaims, “Wrong Jungle!”

For some reason it went over like a lead balloon. The managers didn’t really resonate or appreciate their position in the joke. It makes me wonder why certain material tickles the funny bone while other can detract or even offend

On the speaking platform, I have learned to rely on a bit of self deprecating humor or true life stories. Sometimes the honest truth is humbling enough for others to see themselves and relate to it in their way to hopefully call up a genuine chuckle.


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