Global Engagement

What does the challenge of employee engagement really mean and how can you measure it. Here is research on the 2007 Global Workforce Study conducted by Towers Perrin HR. Use of the three-part engagement model -by think (rational), feel (emotional) and act (motivational) to identify respondents’ level of engagement.

Classification of respondents in four engagement groups, based on their engagement level “score.” (Scores are derived based on responses to all nine engagement questions). The four groups are:

Engaged: 21% — providing full discretionary effort, with scores approaching 100% on all three components of engagement: rational, emotional and motivational.

Enrolled: 41% — partly engaged. They know what to do and tend to get the work done (higher scores on rational and motivational aspects), but they are not connected emotionally, which is why they’re not truly going the “extra mile” with discretionary effort.

Disenchanted: 30% — partly disengaged. Their scores are significantly lower on all three components of engagement, but dramatically lower on the emotional connection.

Disengaged 8% – completely disconnected rationally, motivationally and emotionally.

Here’s my suggestion on exploring this data, make it personal. For best results the questions get progressively more challenging

If you were honest with yourself where would you score?

Now when you are in a leadership role (and all of us are somewhere in our life) do you think people can tell and sense your level of engagement?

IF others can tell on a subconscious level, how do you think that affects how much trust and respect they are willing to invest with your current way of being?

And the hardest Q of all… what are you willing to do OR let go of to fully engage your heart and soul and thereby inspire everyone you meet with your witness to excellence?

Towers Perrin Study
Link here the Complete 2007 Global Workforce Study


One Response to Global Engagement

  1. David Zinger says:

    I like how you talked about the engagement stats and encourage people to make it personal. Well done.


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