Mindful Mastication

you ever hear the wisdom that you should chew your food 40 times each
bite? That may seem like a lot of masticating but there are more
benefits than just helping out the digestive process.
recently facilitated program with a delightful group of managers in the
health care industry. These hard-working big-hearted folks help others
relentlessly access quality health care. But like so many professionals
in the human services sector, they don’t always self-care and may
suffer the consequences of imbalanced living. One of the symptoms of
being out of balance is snarfing food or worse still skipping a meal
altogether. Eating mindfully is one way to calm the mind and enjoy the
eternal moment.

the topic of meditation came up at the same time as a box of little
heart-shaped 80% dark chocolates were offered, I couldn’t resist and
passed them out for all to enjoy BUT under the condition that they
would engage in an eating meditation. Picture a room full of managers
with eyes closed. (at least I think they all were:) We spent at least
10 minutes undressing the wrappers on our little cocoas of desire and
lovingly, mindfully and intentionally enjoying each nibble as we slowly
savoured the succulent morsels.

the exercise concluded they commented on how present and worry free the
moment was and how unforgettable that tiny chocolate was. I’m still not
sure we need to masticate 40 times but what if we could make each bite
40 times more meaningful? Here is a bit of a step by step or rather
bite by bite guide. Bon apetite!

Meditation Sit down in front of your food. Take several deep breaths.
Notice the color, shape and texture of the food. Notice how looking at
the food makes you feel. Reach slowly for your food. Now begin eating
very slowly. Stay aware of how you are feeling and what you are tasting
all the time you are eating. Eat as if you were eating in slow motion,
being very conscious of each bit of food and each motion involved in
eating it. How do your teeth and tongue feel? What does it feel like to
swallow? Can you feel the food moving down your esophagus and into your
stomach? When other thoughts intrude, notice them and return your
attention to eating.

The best book/movie by far on the subject of soulful and passionate
eating is called Like Water for Chocolate Check out the link below.

Click Here for More on Like Water for Chocolate


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