Ode to Truckers

As regular readers know my work brings me in front of a wide variety of audiences representing big hearted folks ranging from health care to financial services. Well I had the privilege of presenting recently at the 57th Annual Convention of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association held this year in St John’s Newfoundland and I learned new respect for these road warriors who ply our roads in all weather conditions day an night to bring us the goods and services that we count on to maintain our lifestyle as we know it.

I learned an important concept that helped me focus on greater gratitude for the truckers important role in our society. I invite you to repeat it to yourself 3 times so you can really think about it and let it sink in. The saying goes like this, “If you bought it, a truck brought it.” Most people, myself included, take it for granted the value of trucks as the life blood of our economy. It’s hard to understand so I got this image of a live google earth video where we view Atlantic Canada live from space and watch us busy as ants with our daily lives. We would see the main arteries feeding the side roads and the small towns and very much like our own bodies’ white blood cells bringing nutrients throughout the body so to do trucks bring the goods and services that feed our comfortable lifestyles. As one of the managers shared a really plausible scenario to illustrate the point. If all trucks stopped deliveries for just 48 hours to, for example, my Sobeys grocery store at the bottom of street. Then by day 3 the shelves would be empty and as he pointed out with wit, there’d be nothing left but pigs feet to eat.

Truckers and their organizations are the unsung heroes of our transportation system. They are deeply dedicated and hard working men and women who are often owner operators of their family businesses and keep on trucking despite the challenges they face with ferry costs and closures, fuel prices, poorly marked construction zones and an acute driver shortage. They continue to fulfill the promise of delivery and even if we sincerely felt the appreciation they deserve, it would be hard to find ways to thank them. The next time you are in a store, any and all stores, give a little thought of gratitude for the journey that item in your hand must have taken from creation to consumption.

If you want to take it to the next level of expression then try this. The next time you see a truck delivering something to somebody I invite you to wave a thank you wave of appreciation. Or as we used to do as kids when the log trucks rolled by our house we’d hold up our arm and give a couple of tugs on the overhead cord that sounded our imaginary truck air horn. If the trucker saw us he would likely give us a toot back much to our delight and joy. It’s a small gesture but it’s a simple way to say thanks to the thousands of unsung heroes working tirelessly to ensure goods flow to their rightful destination to our home and work and community.

Photo of Himalayan equivalent of a long haul trucker.


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