10 Secrets to Life

I would love to dedicate this newsletter to share the wisdom of my colleague and mentor, Christopher Walker. Chris is from Australia and travels the world teach about conscious leadership. He is CEO of Innerwealth Global and trained me to do what I do. Visit Chris’ Web Site

The Ten important Secrets of Life that we all need to remember.

1/ That a loving family is the seat of success, happiness and health. The most important asset anyone can have, and the most sacred. Your family is the home of your soul, forget high places, find and create friends and family, this is the seat of the soul, the home of truth, the palace of destiny. Fights might happen but family is blood, and blood is thicker than talk.

2/ Know how to manage emotion. Every decision made with emotion is guarantees to cost twice what it appears to. People will reject you, learn how to manage that feeling. People will suck your ego, learn how to ignore it, people will promise you the earth, learn how to let them run with it, and people will lie to you, learn how to allow them that grace.

3/ Health – which is basically a little exercise, good diet (no junk food) and healthy mind, is the cure for 99% of human problems. The most unhealthy experience is to defy your spirit. Your spirit wants to thrive in work. The home of the human spirit is work – work you love more important than sex. Work you love will make all of life FIT.

4/ Love is the important word. The number of times a day you use it determines the happiness of your success. Love my work, love doing this, love you, love that, love this etc

5/ Nothing lasts forever. Impermanence is the only permanent thing we can be guaranteed of, Nothing lasts forever. Means enjoy it while you can and let go when you can’t.

6/ Integrity, Morality and personal ethics are built in, can’t be changed and are the basis of our core values. The only person we cheat therefore when we defy those principles, is ourselves

7/ Really Know who you are. Your constitution is an important part of that. To find out what is natural, unique and profoundly different about you. Then raise a flag and celebrate that uniqueness. It’s the beginning of world peace.

8/ Laughter is the most spiritual experience you can ever have. When you can smile, even when times are tough – no especially when times are tough, you are free to feel the power of life and it’s creator.

9/ Don’t believe anything they say about dead people or people you’ve never met. It’s too easy to create pedestals for the invisible and start imitating a fantasy that never really existed.

10/ Hone and trust your instincts, your intuitions and snap judgments. Hone them by learning stillness, trust and recovery. And remember, one mistake does not make a failure, success is making lots of mistakes but not getting stuck on one.


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