A Life Worth Writing

Have you ever thought of writing a book? Do you have the discipline it takes? For example are you currently dedicate pen to paper in a diary? That could be a handy habit for this goal.

It’s often been said that a life worth living is worth writing about. A friend and colleague of mine, Dan Poynter, has written over 100 books and travels the globe fulfilling his life purpose to help people write the book(s) they have always wanted to write. In fact Dan’s life mission as a coach to emerging authors is his personal and professional maxim, “To make sure you don’t die with a book inside of you.”

I have been fortunate to write several successful training manuals, the first one of which I co-authored and is now a best seller (after 17 years on the market) See the link below to the Healthy Relationships Curriculum for teens.

I am working on a couple of new books using a really cool template and I thought some of you might appreciate this free book writing resource that Dan has kindly offered to share. See the attached link below and happy writing.

YES! Email me Dan’s Sensible Guide to Writing a BOOK

Have a peek at the book I wrote


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