Heatin’ ‘er Up

Do you enjoy how folks take simple concepts and apply them to life and work?

For example the best selling book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson is now a primer on leading change. It’s a a nice light read (after you finish Harry Potter book 7) and a great example of how you can take a simple concept and explode it into practical daily advice to make change stick.

212 degrees is another concept that I love because the premise is memorable. It’s really just simple science. At 211 degrees water is hot, at 212 it boils and has enough power to drive locomotives (read, your companies success).

Great hook, now how does it apply to real life business and staff performance challenges? That’s the job of a presenter to take a concept and apply it in the real world. This metaphor or analogy ( I am never sure which) is the substance of one of my best selling keynotes and spill-out training seminars. I’d love to share the promo blurb to see it relates to the promise of opportunities and challenges faced by your work culture. I’d like to hear how you relate and over the next little while I’ ll be sharing excerpts of the practical applications of the 4 dimensions of energy management and how to get a head of steam for the things you are most passionate about. It fascinates me how the vast majority of workplace potential that is wasted can be attributed to one or more of the 4 dimensions and the poor management there of. Enjoy.

PS. For you movie goers there is a 212 movie link below.

Here is the promo blurb for my popular Energize Your Work: Igniting the 212th Degree keynote.
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Keynote Description

Corporate performance is individual performance. In nature, at 211 degrees water is hot, at 212 it boils. In business, one more degree of energy can make difference between success on the back burner and a full-throttle head of steam that drives innovation and productivity. Yet many organizations simmer for years agonizingly short of maximizing their culture of human potential. This keynote turns up the heat another notch with strategies that everyone on the team can use to ignite the four dimensions of energy that power them to succeed personally and professionally. Every one of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors has an energy consequence, for better or for worse. Wasted energy impacts our relationships, performance and the bottom line. The ultimate measure of our lives and careers is not how much time we spend, but rather the quality and quantity of energy we invest in the time that we have. Successful energy management helps individuals perform at peak potential while maintaining balanced and focused dedication to the best in self, others and the results.

Link here for a fun slide show on more perspectives that take us from good to great.
The 212 Degrees Attitude Movie Link


One Response to Heatin’ ‘er Up

  1. Sue Massey says:

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.


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