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Innerwealth helps people discover bigger answers to the question “How do You Want to Live and Give?” This is less a question to be answered than a lesson learned in life or, as some authors have put it, a mystery to be lived. We seek, fail and eventually discover how to have the time of our life. Every child plays grownup, pretends to be a super hero and yearns to build and fly higher. For adults we might call it playing the bigger game.

“The cosmic life journey: Born, Happy – Sad, Joined – Separate, Order – Chaos, Balance – Out of Balance, Collect moments of love, Die. Repeat as Necessary”

As a person journeys to work each day they are probably thinking about the weather, the gardens they pass, or the occasional cat that stumbles on their path or the stories of others on the bus and the congestion of traffic. At the most they may be thinking of how their family felt as they departed, deadlines or assignments due, practical jokes to play or even dreading an encounter with difficult coworker or client. Most don’t people don’t flip on the TV or talk to someone in the check out at the grocery store and ask themselves “what will I learn from this that will enhance my sense of meaning for my life and make me a better card player, lover or neighbor?”

Our success with in daily encounters with others, ideas and our environment can be measured by tapping into a deep wellspring. Every human on the planet, regardless of color, wealth or religion, from childhood to old age can measure greater satisfaction in life by the degree to which they encounter, and ultimately gradually acquire, the following four attributes of being human: caring , connection, contribution and chuckles. With these four attributes then we have achieved peace and harmony and can see the richest beauty in all things and experiences. It is not a moment but rather the possibilities of a million more moments. This is what could be lost if we were not so conscious of being ever so alive.

These four attributes of being human, qualities, or hallmarks of success can be accomplished on an immediate, short term level through the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. This might include a good meal with friends, watching a hockey game playoff, attending theater, movies and arts, or throwing the ball for a dog. But they are transient and dependant on our ever unreliable environment to make us feel alive. They become an all too infrequent and shallow shortfall if one is really reaching for the most out of life.

There is, for some, a call to more, a call to understand a greater role in the participation of life and its infinite capacity for love. For those the principles underlying Innerwealth approach to getting back to our true nature of inspired living and fulfilling work will ring true to their heart and soul.

The Four Human Attributes Explored

People are more internally motivated with harmony and energy to give when they believe that their needs and values are engaged and their whole person body, mind and heart is supported to reach and maintain greater balance, wellness, harmony, purpose and commitment to their life and work.

Core among these needs and values are:

1. Care — How much do I matter?

Establishing a safe and supportive work environment where individuals feel heard and empowered by colleagues means that they will bring their heart and hands to work, allowing for the whole person to engage, to feel cared for, to take care of self and respect and care for the needs of others and the overall health and vision of the organization.

Beyond this many people are realizing that they are the only person that will spend the rest of their life with so rather than expecting others to meet their needs people are seeking handy applicable self-empowerment tools to take responsibility for self worth and to gain control over fulfillment.

2. Connection — Where do I belong?

People are starting to seek deeper answer to this question than popular culture or the main stream organized religions can provide. The more unconditional the giving, the more purity of intent with the offer, the closer we share with integrity of true love.

Human nature is about connection-to have a sense of belonging. The organization that acknowledges that ‘work family’ relationships contain both support and healthy challenge are the most effective. Connection to a balanced lifestyle ensures healthy individuals who come to work ready to grow and commit to the task at hand in the company of others.

3. Contribution — How do my skills and time make a difference?

Individuals thrive when they know why do what they do and can clearly see progress and how it contributes to the overall purpose. As this furthers their daily satisfaction a sense of fulfillment and their commitment grows. When individuals have a sense of contribution, the overall respect in the work place is enhanced. Motivation shifts from external to internal sources, resulting in an inspired work place of empowered individuals, contributing to a greater purpose than their own.

More and more people are speaking and seeking the journey of life as a way to discover who we are, to leave the world a bit better than when we came. We see the world as big as our family or community so having healthy children that can do better than us, go off to school and get a better job is our great reward in our old age. For others it is a more universal call to participate.

4. Chuckles / Craic — What if life and work were play?

If the shortest distance between two people is laughter. Imagine the energy and lightness of connection between staff members or a project team that shares the same common aspiration, to make work fun.

Joy and humor are cousins and people who seek to find the beauty and lightness of heart will find that humor is fed from the same wellspring. Personal spirituality is defined as how many eyes you looked into in a day. Personal spirituality seeks to accomplish similar things that all world religions offer, the ever growing ability to make meaning of life and to offer a path to something better, call it heaven, nirvana or enlightenment. Personal spirituality is not exclusive or organized religion and it is not dependent on organized religion for success.


Integral to each program, keynote speech or individual consultation is the power of

be more
Presence – Discipline to focus on life force energy in the moment.

feel more
Passion – Measured by your desire to create opportunities to express your values.

serve more
Purpose – Crystal clarity of knowing what you are doing and for whom.


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