Not a Strong Wind…

Not a strong wind,

nor a surge of pressure,

nor a fit of passion,

nor anything

for that matter *

can throw you off

when you have

an open heart

and clarity of purpose.

* nor market forces, nor somebody moving your cheese, nor crying babies, nor corny movies, nor skittish investors, nor infatuations with the opposite sex, nor lousy cash flow, nor nasty divorce struggles, nor cheap wine, nor friends who aren’t there when you need them, nor traffic tickets, nor people that keep doing the same stupid thing despite your support and advice, nor snow storms that cancel big meetings or school, nor irritated drivers, nor impossible deadlines, nor school yard / work bullies, nor sleepless nights, nor a strike vote, nor teenagers pieced and tatooed, nor a fly in your soup, nor thin air, nor self doubt and yucky feelings, nor belly button lint, nor big debt, nor high interest rates, nor running out of viagra, nor an itch with no one to scratch it, nor a hot day with warm beer, nor rain on your wedding day, nor a face lift, nor a garden in a hot, dry summer, nor a free ride when you already paid, nor bad jokes that nobody finds funny, nor deleted documents on the hard drive, nor spam to the brim email inboxes, nor forgetting anniversaries, nor smiling when you don’t feel like it inside, nor dog poop on your lawn in the spring, nor a basement apartment, nor needing a smoke, nor having too much to drink, nor loss of heart, nor decisions George W. makes, nor the golf course, nor somebody moving, nor a house that won’t sell, nor the dream house you can’t buy, nor a hangnail, nor an under appreciative boss, nor a mosquito in your tent, nor a bee in your bonnet, nor a bee in your lap driving fast down a country lane, nor ants at your picnic, nor grass fires out of control, nor hurricanes or floods, nor ……. <comment on your distractions overcome>


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