One So Loved

If One Could So Love

A close friend of mine recently lost her dog to old age. Her faithful and adorable 12 year old black lab named Harley died peacefully in her arms. Harley was more than a cherished companion, she was also a mascot at a school for special needs children where she was adored daily by kids that sometimes find it hard to fit in. Fortunately disabilities don’t matter to dogs. Harley gave and received unconditional love and will be missed.

In reflecting about the essential qualities of animals as companions, there is a great reminder about one of the 7 powers of love, the love of creatures.

The love of creatures awakens the spirit — because the communication, intimacy and connection is unconditional and natural. The difference with the love of creatures and love of people is that with creatures great and small there are few expectations or stuck in the past issues that block the depth of feeling. This is probably why so many people find loving creatures more rewarding and easier to do than to love humans.

Creatures, especially companion animals, keep hope alive in some way, keep the possibility that humanity gathered whether in a family, a community or between nation states or religions can experience the beauty of unconditional love.

So here’s to all the Harleys out there teaching us all about living and giving with no attachment to expectations, an example of unconditional pure love that the rest of humanity could surely use more of.         Growffff.


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