Praise Stillness

Imagine a warm starless night.
A huge yellow face looks down upon all creation in the deep woods of Nova Scotia.
The moon shadows cast across the trees and roots and tall grass at the waters edge.
A mirror universe reflects off the calm black river that meanders aimlessly around silent granite sentinels left behind by a once heavy laden glacier.
The canoe I am soloing slides into the water like a butterfly with sore feet.
Tiny droplets of water trickle off the tip of the paddle,
the only sound for as far as one can imagine.
Floating on the great Sargasso sea could be this easy.
Nothingness, space and time merge willingly in this stillness.
Pure space,
Pace of grace.

If you are thinking to yourself. Wait a minute wasn’t last weeks newsletter praising intensity? What gives?

Deep Woods NS October 2

Deep Woods NS October 2

The answer is life and its dichotomies. How can you praise the juice of intensity until you understand utter stillness? For that matter, how can you truly savour joy if you have never tasted sorrow? I went from an intense deadline driven efficient week booking clients. presenting and developing a new public program to nothingness sitting in a canoe. Thats like life isnt it? The true balance of the journey must include both to be complete and full.

In this stillness example I took some space from my leadership role on a 5 day wilderness canoe trip with a dozen men. Once the settled after first night camp fire was winding down I slipped my ground roll and sleeping bag into my fav canoe and set off to sleep under the moonlit sky. I just pushed off from shore and let the vessel drift. No current, a faint breeze as I floated away around granite boulders and eventually fetched up on a crop of lily pads in the middle. That was enough to stick me in that place for the night. Last sight before the sandman – full still moon. I awoke 3 times fresh and alive wth deep breathes grounding me in myself. The earlier morning dawn was photographed as seen here

QUESTION: Where is your refuge.. your place to celebrate stillness?


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