Sacred Places

Do you have a sacred place? I know it is best to have this place inside you, but sometimes having a special outside environment helps take you to that place on the inside. Do you know what I mean? Like a piece of music that softens your face, or a taste, like ice cream that brings out the child, or the energy of a city park full of people enjoying life. All delighting the senses with beauty to create pathways to sacred places for you.

I was honoured to visit such a sacred place this summer and I’d love to share a bit of the story with you.

Live with Spirit


As I waited at the departure gate in New York’s Kennedy Airport, I could see the looming Qantas 747-300 Jumbo jet we were about to board. On its cowling was written “The Spirit of Australia.” What fascinating claim by a corporate giant. I set to thinking about that assertion as we were lined up to board the plane to be “spirited away” to a new hemisphere and a county that claims a crocodile hunter as one of it’s hero’s. So I decided to make that the theme of my trip to Innerwealth Boot camp in Sydney, Australia, Spirit of Australia, sounded great and proved to be just perfect.

A Land Down Under

There is indeed a unique spirit in this land “down under.” The city of Sydney is just one big successful playground. Sydney Harbor, with it’s many unique bays and coves, art galleries are interspersed with office towers and the spectacular architecture of the Opera House crowns everything at it’s heart. There is a magic in Australia. I couldn’t help feel a sense of wonder in the presence of some of the most awesome flora and fauna on earth. Where Chris is building his new global headquarters at North Head near Manly Beach, it is claimed to be one of the most Spirited places on earth, the hairs on the back of your neck shiver on the bush walks and the views over Sydney are awesome.

The magic of this sacred place is also found in the exuberant bounce in the step of the people going to work each morning. Many people live over the harbor are blessed to take one of the hundreds of ferries to work, what a way to start and finish the day. What makes Sydney hum with this sense of harmony? Maybe it’s the sprit of the place, maybe it’s left over pride from the 2000 Olympics, and maybe, and most likely I think, it’s the connection to nature that Australia has.

Australia, and it’s people remain a treasure. A wondrous place full of vibrancy, coffee shops and great strait up, honest and beautiful people. It was the perfect place to study with Chris and plan the next phase of Innerwealth Canada. How exciting to be exploring the laws of nature, in such a magnificent place. Our team was assigned to take Innerwealth to the next level and reach out with a message for people who desire to play a more conscious role in world affairs and business leadership. All manner of people joined us, from advertising guru’s to branding experts, youth workers, government representatives, and community leaders.

We concluded that people want a way to live closer to the heart, deeper in spirit and as ever, grounded in real world responsibility. I can’t think of a more auspicious place to grow this dream about a new way to be in the world, than right here in Canada.

Thank you to the many friends I made throughout Australia. Thank you Chris, Kellie, Virginia, Paul, Eileen, Mark, Isobel, Karen, Steve, Simon, Ricky and the hundreds of other people I shared the time with at Innerwealth Boot Camp.

I am really excited about Chris coming to Canada in October to talk about Nature and how to live in harmony with her. I look forward to the Spirit of Australia being shared here on our home soil so we can connect deeper to our corner, our sacred space, on this wonderful little planet. When we can find the beauty around us we can live and share the beauty within us. A working definition of our innerwealth and a worthy journey no matter how long the road to find it.


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