Truly Grateful?

Okay, Canadian thanksgiving is cleaned up and digested. Family have gone home. US and Australia is coming soon and I have a question> How thankful are you….really?

I ask cause its relatively easy to say a few words of gratitude for great friends and family. Give a blessing or two for the turkey or pizza. You may even see a street teen washing car windows and utter a thanks that your kids may be messy but at least their home. But how thankful are you really? Do you truly have an attitude of gratitude or truthfully now….some stinking thinking?

Here are a series of people and situations that challenge most people “thankability”

– difficult people
– illness
– accidents
– job loss
– divorce

Pick one close to you but not to recent in time because proximity and emotional pain can cloud clarity of the next question.

What are 20 benefits of that experience to you or others? Make a list. Check it twice and lets see if we can shift naughty to nice or as the case may be the stinking thinking of resentment to the lighter heart of gratitude.

What we can not be grateful for runs us.


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