Welcome Rain

Rain. Curse or Blessing?

Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory. Today we had good old fashioned cloud burst. It’s fun to watch how people react.

For some, its the mad dash from car to building and vice versa as if they can dodge drops! For others they hoot a big thanks on behalf of their garden. What’s your relationship to rain? Do you welcome it or loathe it?

It’s all perspective. I recall a story of a couple who were married in a country church. Just as the ceremony ended and they were scheduled to go out side for official portraits, the heavens opened and the earth was blessed with rain. At least that was their perspective because they ran outside and danced, rental tuxes and wedding gown were drenched as they kicked off their shoes and danced and splashed.

What were they thinking? The couple was from Africa and when it rains, and that is rare, it’s a blessing. And when it rains on an auspicious day as a wedding then the couple is duly and doubly blessed.

Next time the warm rain blesses the earth with the waters of life, grab a partner and kick off your shoes and dance. In the meantime have a peek at the rain video below and watch out for those puddles

Welcome the rain movie


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