All the World’s a Stage

Do you belong to a professional association, service group or social club? Have you ever sat in a meeting of your organization and marvelled at the depth and breadth of experience and stories.
I recently returned from Vancouver and the annual convention of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. I have the honour of being a professional member and serve on the Board of the Halifax chapter.

The three day event was chock a block full of presenters sharing their stories that influence others to change, grow, love, profit, etc. Extraordinary people living extraordinary lives bringing inspiration, hope and a “yes we can” attitude to life. They represent an amazing cross section of life and experiences.

Here are a few of the speakers.

Alvin Law from Calgary, a man born with no arms. I sat in the board meeting astonished as he pulled out his laptop onto the floor and began typing notes in between sips of coffee. All done with his feet.

Victora Deobald, a young woman from Edmonton who shared her personal struggle with anorexia and how she offers dynamic self esteem speeches in the youth market.

Ronnie Muhl, my outward adventure South African colleague who got to within 150 metres of Mount Everest and chose to turn around valuing life more than victory at all costs. You may recall the story this past May of the Everest climber who was left for dead. This was Ronnie’s expedition who helped.

Mary Taylor from Toronto, a retired exotic dancer with 20 years experience who’s Peel and Play seminars are a huge hit with women to help them with self esteem.

Cary Mullen, olympic skier who stilll holds the world record and wiped out on the hill receiving a deep concussion that was so bad he couldn’t read for endless months without getting ill. He discovered an alternative cure in one treatment and has recovered to be a dynamic speaker on doing your best.

Very different worlds of experience but one thing in common that I admire. Each and everyone honours the power of the spoken word to help others realize that their best self is awaiting to play and succeed.

We dont need to be on the stage to share our inspirations. All the worlds a stage so go tell your story or listen to anothers for the gems of wisdom that can make life worth while.

Visit the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Website


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