Beauty Place

Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? What features and qualities make it so? I wonder how much your place has to do with peace and quiet and a natural surrounding. That’s where we find our true nature best, when we feel at one with all that surrounds us.

I had the honour to be program leader on a men’s wilderness canoe trip recently. The following are some reflections on how the journey helped me remember my true nature, no matter where my feet are touching or where my eyes gaze

I hope this inspires your own reflection.

Imagine a lake system deep in the forests of back country of Nova Scotia 3 hours drive, 2 days canoeing and 5 portages later, with a beach front under a canopy of old pine trees. Midnight paddles in complete silence with nothing but the full moon in a star lite sky reflecting the entire universe in a perfectly still mirror on the still water.

In the morning the light breaks through the trees of an island as the mist swirls on the still surface of the water, all is calm except for the plaintive calling of a loon that rolls across the calm lake.

Men sit around the fire sipping a hot drink telling stories, no alcohol, just high on the autumn leaves turning crimson. No weapons just the foil of quick wit and humour. Just space, space in time and in length of sight.

This is the place were anyone can reconnect to their true nature. Where the natural laws of abundance, transformation, balance and harmony coexist in bold measure. The trick is not in finding her wisdom, it is in every paddle stroke and pine needle. The trick is to keep nature as your guide when we return to our daily lives of decisions, crowded places and unnatural paces


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