Creative Procrastination

It’s mid July and if I didn’t receive an “out of office / on vacation” auto reply then in my imagination I picture you sitting at your desk with half the staff missing around you and maybe (but unlikely) half the workload in your inbox.

If I am even close, then maybe you are ripe and ready for todays instructions on how to creatively procrastinate.

I am inspired to share a cool word art tool that I discovered while taking a “stretch break” from a crafting a leadership article that I’m writing for clients in Ireland. (It’s a week overdue)

So if you have anywhere from 5 minutes to say… 8 hours then just click on my website link below taking you to my homepage. Next click on my newly created word art masterpiece and the link will take you to timeless fun for not just procrastinating but creatively procrastinating!

You can drop in any text so gather up a shopping list, poem, your favorite paragraph from the strategic plan or the company mission statement and see what you come up.

You can save it, print it or copy the code and send it to me or a friend. Enjoy!

Not Mere Procrastination but Rather Creative Procrastination!
Click Here to See Peter’s Wordle and Make Your Own


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