Driven by What’s Inside

JM Recently Wrote to me

Hi Mr. Davison, Thank you for for the great insight of the week. I just read one article that stating a brief statement that explains exactly how I am feeling working with these adolescents. It stated something like one day we may not be accomplishing anything and another day we are. It’s always up and down daily and it’s difficult when sometimes I don’t feel like I am helping at all. This is the challenge. Got any advice on how to continue?

My reply to her:

Every week, if it is in perfect balance, and it is, you will have support and challenge, feelings of success and break through and experiences of stuck and doubt. This is normal and natural. Every person on the planet experiences this to various degrees. The ego would like a pat on the back every minute of every day to keep it motivated but the truth is we never truly know what we accomplish because we don’t have the evidence or the ability to read each heart and each future choice made because of our influence. Your acknowledgement need to come from within from the life force that is your unique love for what you do. Driven by what’s inside not expecting nods and applauds.

How to continue:

1. Think long term as what you do builds more than a moment of connection so don’t get caught in looking for instant feedback.

2. don’t be hard on yourself for not seeing the signs of success that is around you and treat positive feedback is icing on the cake, not the cake.

3. expect challenge and set back as a normal swing of the day and week, it doesn’t mean failure it means you are in there feet and hands and heart. (people who don’t “get messy” can shape their world to always feel safe and give the illusion of accomplishment but its like fishing in a fish tank, it’s easy to do)

4. Give thanks for not feeling like you accomplished anything it will keep you humble and kids will trust you more.

5. Dig out the 4 values exercise every once and a while to remember the heart of your teaching when others around forget to validate.

6. Give thanks for what you do because I haven’t met too many people that would trade a day with you and someone has to love these kids.


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