How do You Want to Live and Give?

This is less a question to be answered than a lesson learned in life or, as some authors have put it, a mystery to be lived. We seek, fail and eventually discover how to have the time of our life. Every child plays grownup, pretends to be a super hero and yearns to build and fly higher. For adults we might call it playing the bigger game.

“The cosmic life journey:

Born, Happy – Sad, Joined – Separate, Order – Chaos, Balance – Out of Balance, Collect moments of love, Die. Repeat as Necessary”

As a person journeys to work each day they are probably thinking about the weather, the gardens they pass, or the occasional cat that stumbles on their path or the stories of others on the bus and the congestion of traffic. At the most they may be thinking of how their family felt as they departed, deadlines or assignments due, practical jokes to play or even dreading an encounter with difficult coworker or client. Most don’t people don’t flip on the TV or talk to someone in the check out at the grocery store and ask themselves “what will I learn from this that will enhance my sense of meaning for my life and make me a better card player, lover or neighbor?”

Our success with in daily encounters with others, ideas and our environment can be measured by tapping into a deep wellspring. Every human on the planet, regardless of color, wealth or religion, from childhood to old age can measure greater satisfaction in life by the degree to which they encounter, and ultimately gradually acquire, the following four attributes of being human: caring , connection, contribution and chuckles.


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