Love Your Work?

Do you love your work? If you do you are in the top 30% of the workforce. Fast Company magazine recently reported that 1/3 of the workforce hates their job, another 1/3 like and or dislike their job depending on the day, the week or the assignment and that 1/3 actually report loving how they exchange their time for money.

So for 2/3 of the workforce there is a conversation that ought to include new ways to see work and life so at the very least they can feel satisfaction with what they do. If not, what’s it all about and who or what are you waiting for to make your shift towards the top third. Life’s too short.

I recently spoke at a Human Resource professionals event in New Brunswick. It was a great session full of wonderful people who really care about the human element in the world of work. I love human resource professionals because beyond the daily duties of hiring, firing, performing and paying, rewarding or laying off they are very committed to the quality of life at work. This audience was particularly lively, and it was a breakfast meeting!

I thought I would share what some of they remembered from my presentation. Some of the comments are picking up what they took away from what I said but there are also many reminders and reaffirmations that were rekindled because they took time from their busy schedules to sit with colleagues for a while and explore the question I was presenting, “How do you help people love what they do and feel happy and productive in work and in life?”

Here is some of what they shared:

– What you think about you bring about
– Attitude is contagious, make yours worth catching
– Stress is an imbalanced thought
– Bring what you love to work
– Positive thoughts inspire “positivity”
– Take time to talk to people
– Happy at work = happy at home
– Bring something you love to your work
– Given empathy brutality isn’t possible
– Don’t be afraid of success, embrace it
– You should not need a vacation from work if you love it
– Be happy at work by bringing love to my job and hope to inspire others by being so positive
– Create instead of gossip
– We have a choice of how we think
– Don’t separate work and life
– Keep that belly laugh rolling and set influence on the office by smiling
– The definition of success.
– Work should be an extension for you life
– Shift from TGIF to TBIF (Too Bad its Friday, cause I love what I am doing)
– If you feel happy, you should tell your face


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