Love List of Natural Highs

My Love List of Natural Highs

What are your natural highs? What are the things you love to experience that light your spirit and cause an inner giggle? I invite you to make a list of all things you can think of that you cherish. Share them using the comments link at the end and or tell some friends and ask for theirs.

As a way to get you thinking, here is my Love List of natural highs. These are experiences that I love that no drug on earth can replace. Maybe after you read my list you will think of your own. Certainly write them down but better still share you list with someone special and maybe two people will tell two people and so on, and so on….


A Partial “Love List” of Natural Highs

1. Licking the eggbeaters after making chocolate cake
2. A hot shower after 5 days of camping
3. Getting mail from a long lost friend
4. Laundry fresh off the clothesline
5. Lying in bed listening to the rain or snowstorm with no need to get up
6. The long walk on a deserted beach
7. Airport arrivals and departure areas where people care so much
8. Laughing at yourself when the unexpected drops into place, inner giggle.
9. Laughing just because someone else is laughing so hard
10. Playing with a puppy or kitten or any baby animal for that matter
11. Tickling a toddler
12. Dogs eyebrows especially when they are curious
13. Old people, their faces, hands and stories
14. Swinging on a big swing
15. Finding $20 in old clothing
16. Comics and cartoons
17. Crying because a movie is so touching
18. Realizing the person you’re with is also moved to tears
19. Riding a bike downhill, hands off an option
20. Falling asleep on the beach or to the sighs of waves
21. Hugs from kids
22. Elephants and massages, no relation
23. Static electricity arcing on a sweater when lights are out
24. Homemade Pie … apple, cherry, pumpkin, banana creme, whatever.
25. Climbing up things like trees or mountains. Maybe a guy thing
26. Friendly people in lineups at the grocery or bank
27. Someone else making and buttering my toast
28. Cherries or raspberries in or on anything
29. That big aria from the Magic Flute
30. Sunset from the top of a hill
31. Cookies fresh from the oven
32. Warm sand between my toes
33. Wind in my hair and kite
34. Old people, their faces, their hands and their stories, again in case I forget.
35. Creating invitations for others to write about what they love.

What’s on your Love List of natural highs?


One Response to Love List of Natural Highs

  1. Pam R. says:

    This is a great list Peter, and I relate to so many of them (including the tree and mountain climbing!). A few to share with you:
    -driving on a beautiful day with the sunroof open
    -having my kids read to me when they were little
    -the first time you kiss a new love


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