Pieces of Mirror Faith

I grew up Christian with my little bible I got in Grade 3 and another one later handed down from grandparents before they went to heaven. I even studied for my masters degree in an ecumenical theological seminary. However, I slowly found through experiences of aging and travel, listening and seeing that my little denomination within Christianity only had a shard of the truth. I found that Christianity itself only has a slightly bigger piece of the answers.

Then I heard a story about how a long, long time ago the truth was a mirror that was shattered in a thousand pieces.

Those who picked up a piece and carried it off to the 4 corners of the earth soon forgot it was only a shard, a mere fragment of the original. They wrote sacred books and passed them on to their children. They gave special meaning to candles, shapes, habits and rules and places. They built temples and statues of multi-face gods and goddesses and some even settled for one God but three incarnations like the Christian’s father, son and holy ghost or the Hindu’s brahma, krishna and vishnu. Some made beautiful things in an attempt to help the soul, who thinks in images, speak to their particular source of all knowing and all understanding. Some even said there was no god at all only a path to follow up.

One thing that became sure over the years was that the more people hold onto their shard as truth the more they cut themselves and in some cases cut up others who hold another sliver for being more or less right. Especially if they happen to be neighbours on the same planet.

So I asked myself, self what was the original mirror reflecting back to us in the old days? And the idea came that maybe it shone as complete, or complete to the depth our wee little human brain can understand. Maybe the only thing it showed was everything, all at once, everywhere, totally and completely around it wholly and not just the person looking into a singular piece. Maybe the mirror showed the lakes and the birds and the ants building in harmony and the weather swimming seeking perfect balance. Maybe it showed the infinite expanse of the timeless space and on a lucky night, a shooting star. Maybe it reflected the infinite brilliance of our being in the world with a sense of completeness in the cradle of this vast creation made from the original blessing of love.

Maybe it shows our true nature. Maybe the source of all that is exists under our feet and in every breath we cycle in and out of our body and in every decaying leaf or bug flat on a car grill.

So I listen to her wisdom and watch him end a season to allow for a new season to emerge anew but the same. I wait for her warmth to light my lovers face in the early morning and for him to chill the wind so we rest by the open fire, a symbol of passion, of heart in the oneness of all that is and shall be known. And I am humbled as I stand on the edge of the ocean, waves relentless on the cliff below and have a mere flicker of truth that no single shard can contain the greatness of this creation. Mine life is to life with it not against it or anything else in this wonderment. My life is to discover how my life is as nature intended, to grow continually and to serve a purpose greater than myself. How that looks is my uniqueness, what it looks like is the mystery, why it looks that way is only natural.


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