Pulling Out Splinters

I just finished a lively program with a loyal corporate client with a sell out packed house gathered to engage the topic of dealing with difficult people. The group was fun and eager to tackle that “special person” that gets under their skin.

The course is founded on the premise that you have 3 choices. 1. Change your environment, 2. Change the difficult person (Not likely but there are ways, mostly illegal) or of course transform your tiggers and reactions into steady, objective gratitude.

I am in awe of difficult people because they possess and an amazing skill and they often don’t even know it! They know you better than you know yourself. Think about that. How else could they get under your skin without your permission? Knowing yourself better than they do seems to be the sensible goal of any workshop or one to one consultation.

I offer a quick tip process to help you walk in the others shoes, get a little empathy for them, etc. This has helped many get back to doing the work they love.

1. Make a list of the traits of the difficult person

2. Beside each trait list the 3 benefits to them that they are this way. (Get inside their mind and find the motivating payback?)

Complete this and note how your reactive energy has shifted, and it will, guaranteed to the degree you complete the task.

For More Enjoy Self Study CD on the Topic


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