Separate From Nature Meme

Common memes that can hinder fulfillment and contentment:

The meme that we are separate from nature


It’s understandable that we feel above and superior to the natural order. Afterall we harness the wind, tide and atom to do our bidding. We scrape oil off the land where the tar sands ooze and we dump toxins into the air and water as if it won’t come back to plague us, figuratively and literally.

But what price do we pay on a personal level from believing in the meme that we are separate from the natural order that connects all things. That we are somehow outside of the interconnected web of life.

One of nature’s laws that we could better pay attention to is that in the Law of Abundance: Nothing is ever missing, it just changes in form.

The leaves in Nova Scotia are a splendid reminder of this cycle interconnected web of life. If I offered you a million dollars to destroy a drop of water you wouldn’t succeed. You can heat it, freeze it and combine it but not eliminate the drop. The best you could do is change its form.

So how does this relate to life and work? How does bringing the rules of nature back to our daily living to help us? How does exposing the meme that we are above or separate than nature help us naturally thrive.

True story. I was working with an executive team in a powerful learning organization. They were engaging the 5 laws of nature and folding them into their duties and responsibilities as leaders. When we discussed the Law of Abundance: Nothing is missing, it just changes in form, they wanted an example. I invited someone to share an example of something that was missing from their life that could impact their work.

One of the team volunteered that she was single and was missing a partner. She was getting on in years and was troubled by her singleness and her anxiety was, if she were honest, taking a lot of emotional energy away from what was important like her work. I thought that this team must be very close and trusting for her to share personally but with her permission to explore as a group we proceeded together.

I inquired, “What’s missing for you? What are the qualities that you miss most in a partner?”

She replied, “I miss a sense of closeness, compassionate touch, feeling excited inside and being at one with another.”

I responded, “When we are aligned with natural Law of Abundance then nothing is missing so where do you have these qualities in your life right now?”

She thought for a moment then told the group a story about going for a long hike along the seashore the previous weekend. She recounted how she felt so fulfilled with the beauty around her and breathed deeply of the fresh air. She spoke of how she likes to get out on a regular basis because of the very peaceful and serene feeling she gets. At the end of the long hike she came to a clearing at the edge of the water and stood on the edge of the cliff catching her breath and wiping the sweat off her brow. She went on in detail how she stood facing the setting sun and described how the sun warmed and seemed to caress her face and as the wind blew her hair back she felt excited to be alive.

There was a long pause after she finished sharing until one of her colleagues quipped, “I need a cigarette!”

After we all chuckled I pointed out what was already obvious. She had found her lover in it’s current form.

We all have two choices. 1. You can feel sad, unfulfilled, worried and stressed for what you don’t have in the form you think it should be or 2. Give thanks for the form it’s in now. Get grateful because if you’re not thankful for the way you got it then you are not going to get it the way you want it.

Despite the fact we live in cities and surround ourselves with electricity, plastic, and technology it’s useful to remember that inside all of us we are still part of nature’s gift. The next time you catch yourself thinking outside the natural order of the universe with memes that reinforce separation just ask yourself what’s missing and what form is it actually in.

PS. Our executive wrote a very long thank you letter to herself and I heard that several weeks later she met a single fellow who joined the hiking club. I wish them happy trails in whatever form that takes.


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