Success Formula

The Four Great Questions of Life

From the dawn of civilization rulers, nation states, religions, advertisers and corporations have provided answers to these questions. Success in personal mastery is accepting the invitation to answer these questions for ourselves with gusto. The size of your response is the size of your life. The bigger your answer the bigger your life.
1. Where have I come from?
2. Why am I here?
3. Who am I?
4. Where am I going?

Whether from Job to Career to Calling, the journey continues…

Success Formula

1. Life Purpose – You have a purpose, a chief aim for life that is greater than you. If you can achieve it, it is not your life purpose. When you perceive yourself fulfilling this purpose you grow in self worth. Usually two words consisting of a passionate verb and a heartfelt subject.

Listen Here to Four Ideas on How to can Find your Life Purpose (20 minutes)

2. Vision of Success – You are not here to self gratify. Living in service of your vision and purpose will bring both pleasure and pain. You have a vision grander than yourself to build, create, heal or develop. Your personal definition of success is the vision of what the future will look like.

3. Goals – Goals are stepping stones to Vision. Do what you love and link what you do to what you love – what you can link you build, what you cannot you sabotage. Goals play out in all seven areas of life and are expressed in three ways, by your state of being, your doing and your having.

4. Objectives – Concrete and specific. Observable and measurable markers of success and progress towards each goal. Should state when, how much, where, in size and shape. God is in the details, the more detailed your goals and objectives the more you will manifest them.

5. Action – Ease creates dis-ease – commit your whole body, mind and spirit to act on the things that build your dreams.

6. Habits – Today’s actions, tomorrow’s life. Daily , weekly, monthly habits in service to your purpose. Value time – value self-worth. Time is the one thing you cannot replace. Time is spirit. Discipline – Is the highest ingredient of success. The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline.

7. Thoughts – Today’s thoughts, tomorrow’s body. An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so. Affirm and plant a flower where weeds are pulled.

Thought affirming activities

Writing – Inspired writing takes ideas to form and gets them out of your mind. Writing is a commitment. Write 3 pages of free flow thoughts the first thing when you awake in the morning. Don’t lift your pen.

Gratitude – That which we cannot be grateful for will run us. Appreciation builds – Depreciation destroys. Giving thanks for the universe. Make a gratitude list of everything that happens to you. If bad things happen, think of the benefits to you or others and give thanks for the life lesson.

Meditation – Silence, listening and receiving from the universe. Sit quietly with a candle and empty your mind. If you have cluttered thoughts, tie them to a balloon in your mind and let them float away. Write down inspired thought messages.

Visualize – If you are waiting to see it to believe it you’ll be waiting a long time – the soul thinks in pictures. Surround your self with images of success and dress and present yourself as a successful person.


One Response to Success Formula

  1. Paul says:

    What a great post! I like the way you put #6 habits before #7 thoughts. Thoughts become habits so if one things positive things habitually success is sure to follow. Regardless of how one answers the question What is Success? positive affirmations will take you there in short order.


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