What Child is This?

A child is born

in fact, 150,000 children are born on earth each day in mangers, in high-tech hospitals, in mountain villages, etc.

Each one serves to remind us of the sacredness of life and to bring us back to what is truly most important in the human journey.

Perhaps even to remind us that there are really only two ways to live your life;

One is as if nothing is a miracle, the other is as if everything is a miracle.

And so we celebrate with rituals another turn of the great wheel of life. The Solstice is upon us…The Hanukkah candles have all been lit …Ramadan has come and gone…Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity has been thanked…Bodhi has marked the enlightenment of Buddha under the fig tree…a few more days brings the magic of Christmas to the hearts of children of all ages… and Kwanzaa, with its own candle-lighting, follows right after.

From the darkest night of the year, humans around the world, in their unique ways, give light and thanks for all blessings. So wherever you call home on this little planet, I thank you for finding your place in this awesome mosaic of humanity and for doing your very best make peace and love flow with the light of your own inspired being and humble doing.

I wish you abundance and fulfillment as you serve the world with joy in the new year and I look forward to putting our hearts and minds together to see what life we can make for our children.


PS And don’t forget to catch a snowflake on your tongue whenever possible.


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