Breakfast with an Angel

I had breakfast with an angel recently. I took time out of the hustle and bustle of the big indoor farmers market on the Halifax waterfront recently to eat my almond crossiant from Juliens bakery. A weekly ritual when I am in town.

The angel I met could have easily be sitting at the gates of heaven welcoming newcomers. She was a delightful teenaged young woman with a soft face and shoulder length brown hair offering her gift of music. Her harp was propped up on a milk crate, a small dish for coins of thanks and a music stand discretely set just off the path. She played the music of the spheres that lifted the spirit past its humble bounds of earth.

It was an odd scene amidst the cacophony of people making deals and bustling about struggling to handle brimming shopping bags, kids or both. Yet the melody of the harp was a welcome interlude, as if it completed the chaos somehow, rounded it off.

Perhaps this serves as a welcome reminder that there is always order in the chaos, if we take the time to step back and look for it. So take a pause to reflect on the moments in our lives when all is calm and bright. For it is only in the chaos that we appreciate the harmony of existence.


One Response to Breakfast with an Angel

  1. Ron Aylward says:

    I love it when I read something and it instantly relates to a memory of my own. I was recently at the Spring Street Farmers Market in Summerside, PE with my son (4). It was a similar atmosphere that you described – people come and going, lots of chatter and laughing (some may call it noise) but I was sitting in the play area with my son and drinking my cafe americano (a new found joy in my life!). As I sat there, my attention was drawn to the soft voiced guitar player at the entrance to the market. He was singing beautiful tunes from Blue Rodeo, Leonard Cohen and more. I couldn’t help feeling good about where I was and grateful for that musician sharing his talent with everyone. It was his first time at the market and we were compelled to let the manager know that this new addition to the market was enjoyed. Since then, numerous people have also said that they enjoyed his music in hopes that he continues to play for us. It is amazing how that experience was appreciated by so many. Although my son put some change in his guitar case, my intention is to verbally thank this gentleman when I see him next. Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful day at the market. Cheers.


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