Do You Want To Be a Dreamweaver?

This DVD is labour of love. It was created for you from one of my recent Dreamweaver presentations because I have a dream that at least a 1000 people need to be inspired by the message to never let go of your dreams!. It’s a personal narrative that picks up my life journey as a confirmed bachelor in an intense burnout prone career working in the valley of human despair as a family violence prevention trainer. I then recount a humbling personal journey of how my life did a 180 degree turn after accidentally discovering a simple plan to become successful at weaving our deepest dreams into our everyday life.

My goal and commitment to you is to inspire you to reclaim a dream (or two…) and live more intentionally with abundance. I am honored to share the method I discovered that brought me a global speaking career, a deep abiding life partner and a surprise bundle of joy, all despite my health setbacks and challenges. It’s heartfelt personal tale that I deeply believe will invite you to become more awake so you can celebrate life and its infinite possibilities for love. As the old saying goes, the easiest way to realize your dreams is to wake up!

The Dreamweaver DVD Highlights:

* How to Dreamcatch in all seven areas of life.
* Three layers on which to build your Dreamcatcher blue print
* Explore the three phases of the Dreamweaver manifestation process
* Recognize signs of stinking thinking before they defer your dreams
* Learn about a money back guaranteed, sure-fire method to commit to your goals.
* Experience heartwarming personal testimonials on wildy successful Dreamweaving that still blows me away!

Link Here to view a video clip or order your own Dreamweaver DVD here


One Response to Do You Want To Be a Dreamweaver?

  1. Gayle Smith says:

    Peter, I was literally blown away from reading of your journey,your hopes and surely share in your joy of having your dreams fulfilled!
    I am very interested in obtaining more information of
    the Dreamweaver tour for autumn 2011.
    Please keep me up to date!
    I pray that your life continues to be blessed with good things! Gayle Smith


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