My Baby Loves Vegas

Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, like a red two door sports car for example (yes you can!), how you start to be more aware of all the others like yours on the road. Common sense tells they were there all along but you see them because you’re tuning in to the “Red and Sporty” wavelength.

This week’s special report (in a snappy new format) is about tuning into the Dreamweavers channel that surround and support our lives. For those of you who are currently enjoying my new Dreamweaver DVD you’ll recognize how this rounds off the story of major life change # 3 that I shared.  Enjoy

I just returned from four days in Las Vegas courtesy of a speaking engagement. When I am able, I like to add a few days onto fun trips and take in the sights. The flight’s already paid for and since I am a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil fan what better place on earth to find 6 resident Cirque shows. Andrea and I saw four Cirque shows in as many days (Chris Angel – Spooky, mind-boggling and a bit contrived; O – absolutely take your breath away awesome; Beatles Love – My heart lifted out of my chest in the first minute and my soul was tickled for the next 1.5 hours and Mystere – classic modern circus celebrating the best of human creativity. We even tucked in a double header evening with America’s Got Talent winner Ventriloquist Terry Fator – We laughed till we cried.

So how’s this a Dreamweaver story? Fasten your seat belt.

I‘ve been to Vegas before. I planned a 24hr stopover on my way to present at a conference in Sacramento in March of 2006. Off the plane at 10 a.m. Saturday morning, snarfed one of the infamous all you can eat buffets, strolled the strip and experienced two back to back Cirque du Soleil shows. The awe-inspiring “O” and the rather raunchy “Zumanity.” While I walked amongst thousands of people that strolled the sidewalks of Las Vegas Boulevard there we lots of conference nametags and thought to myself would be great to be invited to Las Vegas, arguably the convention capital of North America, as a motivational speaker. That was my thought. That was my dream. Back on the plane Sunday at 10am and I presented my Everest Unsung Heroes keynote and Love Your Work breakout session on Monday March 9 in Double Tree Hotel in the room next door to the Northern California Decorative Egg convention. I encounter some interesting subcultures in my travels, but that’s another story.

Fast forward to the summer of 2008 and I answer a call from Shirley in North Dakota. She’s the leader of an organization that coordinates infant adoption training in CO, MT, ND and other States across the Northwest. Believe it or not she had actually saved my handouts from Sacramento two and half years earlier-which in itself is astonishing if you think back to what you do with your conference handouts. She wanted me to boost her team of infant adoption trainers and improve their presentation skills when training professionals who council expectant moms considering the option for adoption.

I confessed that I wasn’t a subject matter expert in this field although my younger sister Sue was adopted at age 2 (She is now 45) so I could relate to some of the issues faced by the team. We agreed and set the date and the location. I wasn’t going to argue why an organization from North Dakota was planning their event in, you guessed it, Las Vegas! But that’s not the half of it. The training took place on Monday March 9th which, if you’ve done the math, was exactly three year to the day that I set my dream intention in motion.

I could stop here with the point about believing in your dreams and what you think about you bring about but there’s more…

The story continues. Sept 9, 2008 we received the call from my sister in law about being the parents chosen for a private adoption by the birth mom and her family for a baby due in late November. Three things to note: 1. We decided to give up the old fashioned way and get a puppy. 2. We had not really considered adoption due to the wait times and 3. The sister in law did all this behind our ever lovin’ backs much to our surprise and delight. Hannah was born Nov 28 and I called Sheila and told her I take my client research seriously so I just doubled my credentials to speak to your team because we adopted a baby!

dad-hannah-twitter-sorpiseThere are many mysteries in this life including how all events align to help us manifest our dreams. Who would have imagined a soon to be dad would be honored by the opportunity to professionally support Infant Adoption Trainers & Recruiters in the good work that they do. I truly believe that somewhere behind Hannah’s 4 month old grin that my baby loves Vegas because without this piece of the dreamweaving puzzle it’s hard to tell where she would be. I can only give thanks we get to tuck her in at night.


6 Responses to My Baby Loves Vegas

  1. Lori Ford says:


    Congratulations on your new baby girl. What a facinating story. I have a friend in the process of adopting from another country….I hope one day she is as lucky as you.

    Girls are wonderful….I have one, and she’s definitely daddy’s little girl.

    Lori Ford
    Atlantic Lottery Corp.


  2. Malcolm says:

    Awwww…. That’s awesome! Neat to hear your baby story from a new perspective =)


  3. Bernie Boucher says:

    Loved your baby story Peter, makes one think about fate, love and hope. Awe inspiring. Your daughter is beautiful! Best wishes she is a lucky girl.


  4. Val Windsor says:

    Hi Peter,
    What a wonderful story and blessing. Thanks so much for sharing. I do believe even the littlest of things can lead to big life changing events. Congratulations! Enjoy fatherhood!


  5. Gerry Saunders says:

    Congratulations Peter on your new baby, I am positive you will make a wonderful Dad,Hannah is very fortunate to have you as a Dad, and you are very fortunate to ahve her as a daughter,bravo to you and your wife.

    Gerry Saunders
    Corrections Canada


  6. Wow…what a truly wonderful story Peter…I am so happy for you – I had another tiny bessing arrive in December 2006 and am enjoying his independant moments as we move through the twos…hugs to you and your sweet little Hannah…she looks like an angel…


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