Come Together, Right Now!

Did you know that Crisis Intimacy is recognized as one of the 12 intimacies by which we can all connect? For those of you who live in Nova Scotia and PEI you may recall the wonderful spirit of community that we celebrated in the after math of Hurricane Juan, then again several months later after “White Juan”, a snowstorm that dumped over a metre of snow overnight. The stories of people coming together to help are many, each a testament to the best of humanity.

This week’s special report is dedicated to the folks who live along the Red River. Here is an email transcript from a past training participant. Notice the qualities of character that are called on to get through a crisis. (Hint: humor and gratitude, among others).


Crisis Intimacy – Come Together Right Now!
How Struggle Brings Out the Best

Peter: I was just thinking about you as I read the dangerous flooding news about North Dakota and Fargo. Are the Adoption Trainers in your area okay?

Linda: Hello Peter. How kind of you to think of us. Yes…we are all ok. I live 12 miles north of Fargo (we just moved from Fargo in December) and our development is totally surrounded by water. We have an earthen dike that was built about 8 years ago so we are dry but secluded. Have been here since last Friday as all the surrounding roads are closed…but we are fine. We didn’t know when we moved here that we would have “beachfront property” – ha!!

Today we received about 10 inches of snow but the river is declining slowly so we are hopeful that by the time it melts it won’t create too many additional problems for the city. I am so proud of our people, the volunteers and our city leaders…great and hearty people who truly care about other. It is refreshing!

I have been in touch with Pam (from Grand Forks), Colette (lives in South Fargo) and the SD ladies and every one is fine. BE on the lookout as the Red is flowing north. Thank goodness Canada was progressive and built the diversion years back.

Take care. It was great meeting you in Vegas and I so enjoyed the day and your presentation. I hope all is well with you and your family (especially that beautiful baby).

Peter: What a wonderful testament to the human spirit coming together for the common good. May I share your observations with my special report subscribers?

Linda: Most certainly…feel free. As I mentioned I am so proud of our community, let the whole world know. You may use whatever I said if you like. If we behaved like this everyday (not just in crisis). I think we might see a glimpse of world peace. People are people regardless of where we live. We all have similar hopes and dreams of love, family, relationships and meaningful work…not too much to ask for but sometimes difficult to achieve. We all know what is important and you, Peter, so eloquently shared/displayed that to us in Vegas. Shalom!

What qualities of character have you noticed that shine when a community/work team faces a crisis?


One Response to Come Together, Right Now!

  1. Abe Brown says:

    Crisis Intimacy, however difficult the circumstances can be, is often the deepest and the type of intimacy that bonds us the most. Even in the current economic crisis it is inspiring to hear stories of families and even businesses coming together, to create win-win solutions for all. Thanks for this article.


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