I Goofed-Up or Did I?

Have you ever goofed up and then realized it wasn’t as bad as you thought? Here are two recent goof ups.

1. I traumatized our 5 month old Bubbly Baby, aka. Bubby. I had just placed her in the bouncy seat and turned away. I heard a soft thud and cry and there she was face down on the floor beside the chair. She rolled out and tumbled down 8 inches. I was a basket case. As I comforted her startled little soul I was in tears and kept saying, “I am so sorry Bubby” as I consoled her. I completely goofed up as a Dad meeting basic needs for my child’s safety, or did I?

When I shared my mistake with friends something unexpected happened. I felt comforted as everyone had their own child safety mistake, some much more harmful. With each confession I felt like I was stepping across a threshold to join a legion of imperfect parents, who despite their best efforts, are not and will not be perfect. I felt like it was a rite of passage to the humility of parenthood. Even though I learned the obvious lesson to clip the safety straps for our little squirmie wormie I also learned something else. That I am going to make mistakes like all parents before me and after me. And that I cannot be perfect but only do my best with love.

2. I was cleaning up some files and came across an order form for one of my audio CD product’s that I sold at the back of the room at a nurses conference two years ago. Unfortunately it was marked paid but never shipped. That mistake is just plain old embarrassing. I did my best to salvage the order by writing an apology letter and included a complementary Dreamweavers DVD as a consolation. If I were honest, I added the DVD in an attempt to release some of my guilt. I take pride in being efficient I thought nothing good can come out of this blatant bungle so best apologize and move on. I completely goofed up in customer sales and service 101, or did I?

The next week I received the following letter from Maggie (not her real name). I think it’s a good reminder that no matter how bad things we think things are sometimes there’s a silver lining and good can come mistakes.

“Dear Mr. Davison:

I’m writing to thank you for the recent video you sent me on Dreamweaver’s. Imagine for a moment that you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with the events of your life and that you’re praying to God and your guardian angel to help you find a way to cope as well as understand how to move on. This was and is the case for me right now. Due to a number of restructuring and reorganizations of the health region I have been forced over the last two years to be uprooted from positions of enjoyed to ones I’ve not found the same satisfaction doing. While I strive to find the right fit for myself these last years before retirement, I often feel alone and lost.

So here I am walking home from my dentist appointment praying to find the strength to return to work the next day and some happiness in what I’m doing. I stop at the mailbox and here’s a video from yourself which relates to how I’m feeling offers some ways to cope. Needless to say Mr. Davison, I was driven to realize if you want something, and you believe in enough, it can happen. I know I am not yet in the space that I want to be but I am trying to make some positive changes toward that goal. Thank you again for completing the CD order. I guess it was meant to be late because now is the time I needed it the most.



Q. Has that ever happened to you, a compete goof-up that turned out good? Add you comment or confession below.

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One Response to I Goofed-Up or Did I?

  1. Pam R. says:

    My friend Peter — now that you’ve made your first Bubby Blooper, welcome to full fledged parenthood. I won’t regale you with my mistakes, but we all make some.

    Thank you for sharing your story about Maggie. What an example of serendipity that you were able to touch her when she needed it most. Certainly this would not have been the case had you simply sent her the CD two years ago.


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