Give –?– A Chance

I had the pleasure of taking my cool 17 year old nephew Malcolm to experience a live outdoor concert of a life time to hear Beatle Sir Paul McCartney play the memorable hits of a few generations. We were keen to get up close and personal and arrived at the gates two hours before they were supposed open at 3 PM. By 3:45 the crowd waiting for action from the unresponsive staff behind the closed gate was getting restless. We got an idea that could pressure organizers. A simple tune. Something peaceful, direct, poignant and very relevant in the Beatles culture we were about to be submerged in. We started singing boisterously, and I might add, with decent harmonies, our own version one of the 60’s classics, “All we are saying is open the gates!” The crowd picked up the chant as a call to arms and started to sing along.

Whether it be by coincidence or in response the impending rise of the masses, the gates miraculously opened. Check out the video below and you be the judge of our role in history and enjoy as we then take you live to a clip of the original version sung along by 50,000 fans. My guess is that they might not have sounded as tight if we hadn’t of warmed them up already!

So here’s the thing, to really Give – ? – A Chance first (1.) you have to identify, honestly, that thing or person you couldn’t imagine including on your “chance list.” Then (2.) you need to muster the courage to take a big step outside the comfort zone and beyond the habit and patterns. Step 1 is a head shift, step two is a heart shift. Both are challenging because we are often captive of habitual, captains of the comfort zone, presidents ruling our patterns and dictators to our duende.

Don’t jump off the deep end. Try a warm up first before giving the big things a chance. Eat a different cereal, buy something you’d never be caught buying, spend the day using your non-dominant hand first, get a crazy haircut, take a different way home from work, meet the neighbor 5 doors over (I am willing to bet you don’t know them) sing on the bus, try a new ice cream flavour, etc… Then after you find that your world expands rather than falls apart as F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) would have us believe, go for a big fish, give it/them a chance! (and let me know how it goes)

In the meantime, enjoy this short video and have fun as you step out of the box, push the zone, go the edge, take the slide, spin the bottle, <insert your euphemism here>


4 Responses to Give –?– A Chance

  1. Terri says:

    my adorable son and my adorable brother are fine lads … you both inspire great things in others!


  2. Robert Reilly says:

    Mr. Peter…you and your cool Nephew are the best! Thanks for the good morning uplift…I’ll be sure to pass this on to our schools! Robert of the Long Beach donuts!


  3. Abe Brown says:

    awesome! all positive growth seems to be one step at a time!


  4. Debby Canning-Woods says:

    That was great. He looks so much like you and Terri Ann!


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