My Future BFF

This is a story that has yet to be written. It’s about two little girls I love. They will end up being each other’s BFF (Best Friend Forever) The oldest girl just turned a year in July. The youngest is 10 months today.

Hannah and Milli BFF

Hannah and Milli BFF

The older girl is named Millicent. (Pictured on the right) It’s kind of an old fashioned name for such an independent modern gal. That’s probably why we call her Milli. She has curly white hair, not fur, and she gets a monthly haircut. She is as adorable as she is full of beans. As she cuddles so she chews most things she can get a hold of. She is house broken, mostly…!? Milli is a “companion animal” for my daughter Hannah.

Hannah’s name means, “The Gift of a Child from God.” She is our blessing because we never thought we would have the opportunity to adopt. That’s why we took home a puppy to love. As the universe would unfold the week we took Milli home we got the call with a question that would change our life, “If a baby dropped in your lap would you keep it?”I’ve been doing heart opened things ever since like this spoken word poem Click here to listen

Their  bond started when Hannah was just 3 months as she would laugh at Milli’s puppy goof-ball antics. Nowadays at age 10 month Hannah tugs fur on a remarkably patient subject and grabs away the occasional chew toy. Their story has only just begun. Milli will be there to confide in, to offer a non judging ear through troubles and to be by Hannah’s side celebrating joy and family memories. They will probably curl up together for the night when crib walls come down. As these two gals grow up together they will form a special bond, they will be best friends forever.

On October 4 we celebrate the life of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of animals. Here is a video that celebrates the joy, wonder and unconditional love of companion animals. This is your cue to hug yours now and give thanks how far you’ve gone on your journey together.


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  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful Peter…


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