Simple Gestures

Have you ever hear from a friend who was having a bad day, taking on a tough challenge or feeling discouraged in the face of a difficulty to surmount?

I recently read my friends daughters blog entry. She was feeling discouraged and started her blog with, “This world is not made for someone like me. How am I supposed to really live being allergic to the sun, and all light.”

Alyssa is 17 years old and lives with a chronic and incurable disease where even brief exposure to sunlight causes severe a skin reaction and pain. Imagine that in light of the weather we’ve been having this last week in Nova Scotia. (For my international readers – clear blue skies and 30 degrees plus)

When I read her recent blog entry at first I felt helpless and could not think of anything to say that would help.I sat with that helplessness for a while until I had a flash. Do you ever get an intuitive flash? I just had a simple thought and with the simple gesture of a flick of the mouse button I sent her a short note to “check this guy out” with a YouTube link to a very inspiring fellow who thrives regardless of limits.

As you can see by her next post at the link below what was a simple gesture seemed to really brighten her day, in a healthy way. Maybe sometimes a simple gesture works better than words because we can say it best by saying nothing at all.

This summer I invite you to act on any intuitive flashes and follow through with a simple gesture that says thinking of you. It might just brighten someone’s day.

To read about Alyssa’s brighter day and maybe sign her guest book as well as copy the link to the deeply moving inspirational video CLICK THIS LINK BELOW

Read About Alyssa’s Brighter Day Here


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