Silly Love Songs

Do you think there are too many silly love songs?

Or do you believe that music is the universal language that unites humanity, heart-to-heart, voice to voice with a unison so pure and powerful that even walls that divide come tumblin’ down?

I offer two samples to share this in the spirit of celebrating life and its infinite possibilities for love.

I present two musical numbers. They are both songs of love but not in the narrow sense of the experience.

The first music celebrates the love freedom. The exquisite beauty of a human right many of us take for granted.

The second piece opens the heart to a deep abiding love that embraces us when we experience a loss of what we hold to be dear and close. It has been said that if one loves deeply enough then both joy and sorrow will be experienced. Or as Elvis cautioned, “Wise men say, only fools fall in love.” What greater celebration of love than to be okay that sometimes when we love, it hurts. Stay with it and give thanks for full range of love that is about being human.


I am excited to share this inspiring trailer for a newly released movie called the Singing Revolution. This documentary tells the extraordinary story of the non-violent path the small country of Estonia took to free itself from Soviet occupation. What a mass choir of committed voices who sing from the same song sheet can do.

Click Here to View How Music Changed One Corner of the World


Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings Opus 11 is arguably the World’s Saddest Love Song

Take a moment to experience this hauntingly beautiful violin or choir selection either with eyes closed or by viewing both with different slides.

Version 1 – Choir with Nature/Space Slides

Version 2 – Orchestra with 9-11 Photos


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