Along for the Journey?

I decided re-purpose (is that even a word?!) my old blog site and invite those who are willing, along for the journey.  Of course I encourage you to browse the archives of this blog established back in, what my daughter Hannah refers to as, the “good old days” of serving unsung heroes as a international motivational speaker.

Retire…turn page….welcome to my new incarnation  DBS and ME


1 as a journal for the kids

2 to educate about one person’s experience of Parkinson’s

3 be authentic, open and responsive with the beautiful souls in the community of love that surrounds me

4 inspire you to reflect on your values and priorities

When I read about someone else’s health or adversity challenge I have to be honest — I can’t help but compare my own life and I am usually I’m better off, and that invites me to delve into deeper gratitude for my blessings in life. Perhaps you will be open to fine-tuning what’s important spiritually, emotionally or mentally – in perspective or attitude.

5 something to do with time when i can’t sleep

I woke up at three-30 this morning and try to get back to sleep on my left side, the side away from the edge of bed, and could hardly move as my body was stiff,, my bedtime pills had worn.  I had a flush of anxiety considering the future frozen in my shell. Deep breathing brought me back to this sacred moment. I got out of bed to write this.


2 Responses to Along for the Journey?

  1. usphfx says:

    I’m happy to follow along, Peter. I’ve always loved hearing or reading your insights. Happy new year, friend. Sheri

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  2. Carolyn Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey Peter. Sending you light & love

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