Reactive, Naturally

We just had wicked bomb category storm on the east coast, alas no snow for us in Halifax, that would have been awesome, but i digress. It is still great to witness when the power dies how community comes to life together to help, especially NS Power Linemen (yes they are all men) I wrote about my gratitude for their passionate devotion to get the job done in the aftermath of Hurricane Juan. Not having having power is no joke in subzero temperature! So part of me resisted acting on my 9 year old daughter Hannah’s prank idea to shut off our own power and pretend. The prank was not to tell Mummy and brother.

The prank was on us as it actually did go out at 1am. When the power goes out in our house an alarm goes off in warning. This happened at 1 am and i sprang out of bed and I  ran half way down the hall before i opened my eyes. Our home was not on fire but I was PD free for a moment. My brain was literally flipped into flight mode in my brains hard drive and stiff and slow default were over-ridden. This has happened several times before. Once when Hannah was a toddler and tumbled down three steps. I was off the couch and had her in my arms, it seemed like i scooped her before she hit the floor. PD symptoms be damned. What’s going on, an Amygdala Hijack?

The similar experience happens when I play racquet ball. When a ball comes at me, I don’t think, i just react and whack. I realized it wasn’t just me while I was offering try it yourself racquetball demos at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Montreal in 2013. Giving folks a chance to try out the sport, at least bounce a ball or two off the wall. This woman who had intense dyskinesia and was swinging and swaying wildly. I threw the ball off the wall and she connected repeatedly. It was amazing. How did she shift from the statistic PD boogie to connect accurately with that orb randomly ricocheting thru space.

it just seems like there’s a lot more power in the brain than we realize. Scientists readily concede that there are only two frontiers/mysteries left to explore, space beyond sight and the space betwee our ears that we call the brain. Wouldn’t it be great to harness the true potential of the mind for more than a moment. Do they can make and app for that? Not the popular app CALM Everyone is raving about but maybe one called react and engage!


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