Routine not Complacency

IMG_5014At my pre-op session at the QE!! i noticed a well worn spot on the elevators floor. It’s the spot where everyone on the elevator steps and pivots to push the buttons at arms length away. I we all had the exact same arm length the worn spot would be very small. How many feet have pivoted on that same spot day after day. I think its great. Little do people think of the reason that it’s so well trod = because it works. It’s most efficient place to stand, well foucssed effort that’s not to far back where you have to step ahead and if someone already there then the secret code and pecking order ordains the worn spot is the boss spot where we all honor the button boss for the duration of the ride as they affirm our desire and hopes by legitimization our destiny by committing our floor number to the matrix of memory that has come before. It’s an extraordinary routine and social ritual that i hope we honor.

So to is the routine protocol called Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. There is a big difference in confidence if my turn is the fifth one to be done or the 500th time.  It matters that tens of thousands of people have stepped forward on that spot to experience this procedure since it began 20 years ago.

And on a surgeon to patient level  it means something personal that my doc has a ritual that he follows. He personally shaves his patient’s head in addition to visualizing my particular procedure over and over. His lifetime of experience and study is compounded by all those ups and downs who have gone before, I get a sense he never steps on the same elevator twice, never complacent, always fresh and that helps my answer to the question, “going up?” when i hop on and trust the ride.

One Response to Routine not Complacency

  1. Lois O’Neill says:

    We are praying that all turns out perfectly, Peter💓


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