Before DBS #1

I wonder how it all changes?

Before DBS #1 This is me playing bass Sept 2017 with dyskinsea (drug induced involuntary movement side effects) if you would have seen me at the book launch for Gift of the Hit Sample Peters PD Boogie from Gift of the Hit Book Launch Here

Áfter ? Typical results, no promises but a lot of people say they reduce meds so  by logic, less side affects.

PD EdUK8 Moment: When you see someone like myself or Michael J Fox swinging and swaying randomly (I call it the Parky Boogie) that movement is not Parkinson’s but rather a side effect of too much dopamine replacement meds. The medical term is called dyskinsea.

A classic PD symptom tremor is linear and repetitive on the same axis. Like foot shake up and down or your hand banging on a table over and over (without the table there) or hand shaking side to side so that a full glass of water will never reach your mouth. I am now thinking my dear aunt Polly who held a beacon of dignity and grace with her PD

Thankfully this not my default style. I am a stiff not a shaky paws.

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