Questioning the Narrative

On a good morning i question if I need to be on this pill path i am currently on.
Video of me questioning the narrative on a good morning Feb 14 , 2018 here
Another good morning to question in August 2016

Most annoying symptoms are related to pill side effects not the challenge of the disease itself. I am waiting for medicine to close the gap between symptom management and curative cell rebuilding.

The understanding of PD narrative goes like this. Cells that produce dopamine, the hormone that regulates movement, die in an area of the brain known as the substantia Nigra. Theories as to why abound and we are zooming in on culprits like Larrk gene and folded lewy bodies as causes and therefore cure starting points.

All the while significant challenges to western medical viewpoint are also looming. The role of healthy fat Omega oils and coconut oil in brain health, the connection between gut bacteria i  our so called second brain what vagus nerve that links brain and gut has to do with that. I drink KOmbucha daily for gut health.

i am going ahead with DBS to be on the frontier of brain discoverer and exploration just in case the golden AHA! Eureka moment happens as symptom is overtaken by cause and ergo cure. Perhaps it will be discovered right in front of all along and revolutionize our understanding on the massive scale such as the game changing discovery of Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis discovery in 1860

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