Ode to Nurse Nicki

Ode to Nurse Nicki

Nurse Nicki you’re the one.nurse nicki
You’re the one who is beside me this day.
With my shaved pate popping thru the plastic tent, like a newborn’s crown pausing to reflect on the worth of being exposed to this new bright, dry, cool world
and naively assuming withdrawal is an option.

You may dwell on the side of the sterile field with my exposed sahasrara* while I wallow in the bacteria of whatever tears, snot, sweat and pee ooze out of me

But you are still the one
on behalf of the hundreds in my caring community who are praying, thinking warm thoughts and holding loving and healing energy.

When your eyes reassure me with a sacred, comforting gaze, I see their eyes, as everyone looking though you reaffirming wordlessly that it’s going to be okay.

When your words comfort me, I hear the voices of all the beautiful people in my life who have ever spoken truth to ease my troubled heart.

You are still the one, representing the many.

When you find the funny, make me smile or otherwise add a twist in the sobriety of what is going on, you crack the tension for us all waiting our turn to lighten up.

When your hand is in mine caressing away doubt, I feel the hands of God reminding me that love is stronger than fear. I am at one time touched by all the hands who care for me, from the see through skin of Grams tender crooked hands to Andrea’s career scarred hands of un-conditional giving.

Nurse Nicki you are still the one to guide me though the turns of this procedure but we all know that you are not alone.

You are our conduit of compassion as you channel to me all the hope, healing and love of my community who believe in better.

If we have only one prayer it would be, “Thank You.”

*Sahasrara – Sanskrit name for new beginnings also the crown chakra connection to spirit and enlightenment pictured as 1000 petal lotus flower.

3 Responses to Ode to Nurse Nicki

  1. Brian says:

    If you’re even remotely considering doing a runner before this, just remember Namaste (Nah, must stay). Ome it out. Peace my friend. You’re surrounded by loving thoughts.


  2. Sue Withers says:

    Yes, love is stronger than fear and that is what I and many others have for you my dear brother. You got this! đź’ž


  3. Gail Godreau says:

    Thank you to Nurse Nicki for representing all of us who care about you, and supporting you on this journey. Treat Peter well – it’s a rare jewel you are holding in your hands.


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