Last 100 Words

The two symptoms of Parkinon’s that DBS does not claim to help are balance and voice. If it’s an issue now it will likely still be an issue after. Balance is no big deal for me but my voice quality is. When my med cycle begins to wear off I can sense my right leg starting to drag and my voice getting weak. And in the case of buddy at the shop that sold me an electric motor, my voice dropped out entirely. Even my best tricks for my music therapist wouldnt grab. I could only connect in gestures and spit out a few phrases. I returned the motor the next day with full voice and a PDEduK8 moment to explain why.

So DBS doesn’t promise to improve voice and may make it worse. That got me thinking  as to what words i would speak last before being put under. What would be the last words you would utter? Sure there are other ways to communicate, reference ASL American Sign Language and that cool voice generator jigger that Stephen Hawking uses.

Imagine you had a condition where you knew you wouldn’t be able to orally speak words. What would be your last 100 words? Make a list of which words pop to mind. Assuming the prepositions and joining words are gone or do not count what would be your top 10? Reflection : How does choosing that list provide insight or parallels into your driving values and principles.

The motivational speaker in me is having fun right now!

AND what if this mysterious condition were tweaked a bit and you had only 100 words that you could keep and use unfettered for the remainder of your life. If you could only speak from a vocabulary of 100 words what would they be? Would the last 100 word list be similar than the only 100 words list?

Start with thank you and run your list from there. i look forward with curiousty.




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