Sign Your Life Away

A week before the DBS operation I signed the go ahead with my deep brain stimulation surgery on Feb 16. legal liability thing so I was made aware of all the potential risks of surgery, all the standards like stoke, paralysis and death. I read through like I read through the terms of new software, not.

But then i sat back and reflected on the power of my signature, a mere scratch of ink on a page, an how it gives assent for a huge go ahead the will change life as I currently live it.

Tangent>> I want to note the irony of my first PD symptoms were difficult signing my name (and brushing my teeth. ) PD usually starts of on one side of the body, for me the right side, for Michael J Fox it all began with a twitching baby finger on his left hand. That marked the beginning of the new me.

The signature as a cosmic pivot point. An abupt turn from our current reality into a new venture. has been the marque where by the old self is left behind/cast off and a new self opens. Here are a few thresholds where I signed on the dotted line and astral projected to a new reality, or newer unimagined version of me

Freedom  My first memorable signature was my drivers license. I was beyond excited to be an official driver. (i had driven tractors, hay trucks, assorted 1/2 tons on the dirt roads and fields of our family farm since i could reach the pedals. I even put many miles on my first car at age 15, a 1964 mini. In Parrsboro the driver inspector comes from Amherst to test every Friday at the the legion. My 16th birthday was the day before. Heaven. Thus began a long and beautiful relationship with the auto and the joy of the open road. One example of a life time of signatures.

Other signature moments where life as we knew it was transformed and new identity or life began include:

  • Student loan agreement for enabling me to attend University
  • Credit card application
  • Job Contract with school board as teacher or ns gov position as family violence prevention training officer
  • One signature to get married the first time and about 7 signatures to get unmarried.

Next time you pick up a pen as you sign your old life away to make ready for the new you to emerge, just remember, you’ve done it once or twice before.

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