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My Life these days can be summarized playing on a theme of guilty prisoner of earth.
If charged for living life to it’s fullest, what are you guilty of?

As for me: Convicted Dad, Serial Author and Parkinson’s Lifer

<BIO ARCHIVE prior retirement in May 2014>
Peter Davison is an expert who speaks professionally about deepening employee engagement, enriching relationships and applying attitudes that maximize the culture of human potential. Peter’s uplifting speeches and peak performance seminars celebrate hard-working unsung heroes and revitalize big-hearted professionals. His primary audiences are professionals who work behind the scenes or on the front lines and who succeed when others succeed.

Success Formula: Valuing Self, Others and Service = Healthy Emotional Connections = Fulfilling Employee Engagement = Service Excellence = Organizational and Community Prosperity…

Peter engages life with gusto, from his proud roots in small town Nova Scotia to trekking mountains on 3 continents, from working with street gangs in Los Angeles to supporting staff and management with evocative engagement and performance strategies. Peter’s tales and tools renew and inspire service professionals in associations and corporate and public sector organizations across Canada and internationally including; United States, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Israel and Trinidad.

Peter’s passion for empowering others began with a decade as an inner-city school teacher. Notable in his career as speaker and facilitator is his five years developing and delivering training with the Nova Scotia Family Violence Prevention Initiative. Peter has celebrated the joy of speaking and the business of making a difference since 1985 with his heart-warming programs and unique ability to help people of all ages build relationships, value others and share their talents.

Peter has achieved and maintains the distinction of professional member status with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. He gives back to the profession he loves serving as the Past-President of the CAPS Halifax Chapter.
He is co-author of the industry-acclaimed best-selling Healthy Relationships Curriculum a violence prevention program for youth and the program director of Generation XXL a Gemini Award nominated film exploring teenage obesity. In 1995, Peter was honoured with a Global Citizen Award from the Nova Scotia Chapter of the United Nations Association in Canada for his work in promoting peace. His expertise in healthy relationships has been featured in numerous television, radio, and print media interviews. Peter has been quoted in Oprah Magazine and is proud to be Hannah’s Dad. Peter’s energy comes from chocolate and his passion for helping people love who they are, who they’re with and what they do with their talents in order to leave a job well-done and have more joy to take home to their family.

Peter loves the challenge of teaching in diverse environments – from anger management with Los Angeles street gang members to life-purpose exploration in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. His professional development programs extend far beyond increasing productivity and performance – they invite management and staff to unite, in a joint venture, to become part of a growing movement throughout the world to transform our corporations, communities, families, and individual lives into more balanced, respectful, and conscious environments.

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One Response to About Peter

  1. Shirley (Carter) Nadeau says:

    Hello Peter,

    We’ve never met, I believe, but . . .

    I just found out about the passing of your great-great-uncle, Rev. Douglas Tupper, in The United Church Observer magazine. I remember him well from my days growing up in Halifax. I was baptized by his brother, your grandfather, Rev. Borden Tupper at Memorial United Church in 1946.

    I used to attend Woodlawn United in Dartmouth (1980-87) and lived near Janet Dillman. I last met your grandfather there I believe.

    Anyway, just to say that I enjoyed reading the letter to 12-year-old Borden which I found on your web site.

    The only reason I found that is because I “Googled” Borden Douglas and found all these references to both him and Douglas.


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