Good Morning? awaken to the new normal

January 14, 2018

I had the honour of sharing my wellness keynote at every Parkinson’s conference hosted by provincial chapters across Canada, (and a few in the USA!) The keynote topic was “Four Dimensions of Living Well with Parkinson’s” view here. The themes 0f physical, emotional, mental and spiritual were explored with practical skills and tools.

The issue of sleep deprivation associated with PD is common. I joked with my audiences about getting silk bedsheets or silk PJs to help to turn over smoothy, but advised against both as your might slip like butter off  the bed.

Now its caught up to me. I have been blessed with the ability to sleep anywhere anytime. And i got the sleep gene from my Dad who is on record of actually falling asleep on a subway train careening and lurching on the squealing rails of the London Underground. One of my more famous moments was Dad and I having a midday nap in our rental car at battery park in St Johns, NF while we waited 10 hours for our red eye flight to Ireland. The police officer was forgiving.

Since January I have awoken on my own or to help our 15 year old Bichon off the bed to pee at his whining request. But i can’t get back to sleep like i used to. My test as to whether i can fall back to sleep is to take a long full inhale breathes thru the nose and 10 long exhales though my mouth. If that doesn’t work then I might as well and get up and get something done. Good Morning? awaken to the new normal.


Reactive, Naturally

January 6, 2018

We just had wicked bomb category storm on the east coast, alas no snow for us in Halifax, that would have been awesome, but i digress. It is still great to witness when the power dies how community comes to life together to help, especially NS Power Linemen (yes they are all men) I wrote about my gratitude for their passionate devotion to get the job done in the aftermath of Hurricane Juan. Not having having power is no joke in subzero temperature! So part of me resisted acting on my 9 year old daughter Hannah’s prank idea to shut off our own power and pretend. The prank was not to tell Mummy and brother.

The prank was on us as it actually did go out at 1am. When the power goes out in our house an alarm goes off in warning. This happened at 1 am and i sprang out of bed and I  ran half way down the hall before i opened my eyes. Our home was not on fire but I was PD free for a moment. My brain was literally flipped into flight mode in my brains hard drive and stiff and slow default were over-ridden. This has happened several times before. Once when Hannah was a toddler and tumbled down three steps. I was off the couch and had her in my arms, it seemed like i scooped her before she hit the floor. PD symptoms be damned. What’s going on, an Amygdala Hijack?

The similar experience happens when I play racquet ball. When a ball comes at me, I don’t think, i just react and whack. I realized it wasn’t just me while I was offering try it yourself racquetball demos at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Montreal in 2013. Giving folks a chance to try out the sport, at least bounce a ball or two off the wall. This woman who had intense dyskinesia and was swinging and swaying wildly. I threw the ball off the wall and she connected repeatedly. It was amazing. How did she shift from the statistic PD boogie to connect accurately with that orb randomly ricocheting thru space.

it just seems like there’s a lot more power in the brain than we realize. Scientists readily concede that there are only two frontiers/mysteries left to explore, space beyond sight and the space betwee our ears that we call the brain. Wouldn’t it be great to harness the true potential of the mind for more than a moment. Do they can make and app for that? Not the popular app CALM Everyone is raving about but maybe one called react and engage!

Forward to Feb 16

January 4, 2018

The date is set for Feb 16 for my Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Two days after celebrating love day. If actions are love then this move is dedicated to prolonging my quality of life to be with Andrea, Hannah and Vance.

It’s not an easy decision to have two holes drilled in my skull for the placement of two wires that will be charged with a current. It’s been in the works for a year and half which is good for my personality cause i need time to get my head around it. ugh my first pun..

Lots of feelings to explore as i move to yes: gratitude, fear, trust, guilt, hope and of course faith.

Along for the Journey?

January 4, 2018

I decided re-purpose (is that even a word?!) my old blog site and invite those who are willing, along for the journey.  Of course I encourage you to browse the archives of this blog established back in, what my daughter Hannah refers to as, the “good old days” of serving unsung heroes as a international motivational speaker.

Retire…turn page….welcome to my new incarnation  DBS and ME


1 as a journal for the kids

2 to educate about one person’s experience of Parkinson’s

3 be authentic, open and responsive with the beautiful souls in the community of love that surrounds me

4 inspire you to reflect on your values and priorities

When I read about someone else’s health or adversity challenge I have to be honest — I can’t help but compare my own life and I am usually I’m better off, and that invites me to delve into deeper gratitude for my blessings in life. Perhaps you will be open to fine-tuning what’s important spiritually, emotionally or mentally – in perspective or attitude.

5 something to do with time when i can’t sleep

I woke up at three-30 this morning and try to get back to sleep on my left side, the side away from the edge of bed, and could hardly move as my body was stiff,, my bedtime pills had worn.  I had a flush of anxiety considering the future frozen in my shell. Deep breathing brought me back to this sacred moment. I got out of bed to write this.