Poetry Pause

August 12, 2009

Here are two poetry pauses. Some say that a poem a day is to the imagination as an apple a day or red wine (just a glass..) is to your health. So Cheers, Sante, Prost, Slainte to your health and I hope you enjoy.

A. The spoken word poem Click here to listen to a spoken word poem complete with baby giggle soundtrack…

B. and the only rhyming poem I have ever written as world premièred below.

One Rhyming Poem

Poet to the Angel said,
“Speak to me of love.”
The angel bowed her head
as she lifted high a dove

And teared as if to speak
some things to be true.
The words of love you seek
are best when you are blue.

For the hard heart to awaken
tis nothing better said
then after love’s forsaken
and your sad heart has bled.

Angel to the Poet said,
“Write to me of love.”
The Poet smiled instead
as he raised to gaze above.

And joyful began to write
some things to be true.
A rhythm of deep insight
to caress an inspired view.

For the soft heart to awaken
tis nothing better read
then words that are taken
from deep heart, not high head.

Then profoundly the Poet and angel at one agreed
After musing long on the common bond decreed
You miss100% of the hearts that never hear or read
so venture on both word and voice, fulfill our greatest need.

August 11, 2009

Love Your Babyness

April 14, 2009

As a new proud Dad at the ripe age of 49, I may act as if there has only ever been one baby born. But in humble reflection every baby born is, and always has been, the single greatest celebration of the awe and wonder of creation, both spiritually and biologically

Babies represent hope and promise. Their essential goodness and innocence and simple joy at “being baby” glows and inspires poems such as, “I Love Your Babyness” shared below. So what happens? After all, we’re all just baby’s who have moved forward a few years down the path. I invite you to enjoy either versions of the poem below (spoken or read) and reflect on the babies that have touched your life. -Valuing Others

Here’s a loving (literally) challenge. -Valuing Self
Write a poem, letter, etc. that’s entitled:
“I love your (Your Name)ness”
and appreciate your Babyness, regardless of age.

Click Here To Listen to Peter and his Daughter Read the Poem

I Love Your Babyness
(Hannah 4.5 months old)

I love the way you flail your arms around
pivoting wildly from the shoulder socket
exploring the voids of space
hoping to catch an angel by her wing’s
or a butterfly
as she flutters on by.

I love your little hands,
with their dimpled knuckles.
Stubby little grabbers of all things curious.

I love the way you discover your fist,
as if every time is the first time,
and chomp down with your gum-ption
until a soother appears as a gift from the Gods above
(and I love being a deity at the centre of your universe).
Such determination and gusto.
May you always be so passionate in your pursuits.

I love the way you coo when happy,
murple when laughing,
and let’er rip when you need me.
I love how you flip from content to play to pain
and back again in an instant,
or an hour later as per your whimsy.

I love the way you muckle onto your bottle
with reckless abandon
creating a vivacious vacuum
and resisting to come up for air
like a pearl diver reluctant to leave
her treasures below unadored.

I love the way your nappy holds fast against
your concerted effort to dislodge it from duty.
I love the way you flush intense red,
your neck turtles in, and give it your all
as if conducting a big movement from Beethoven’s 5th
Hannah’s symphony in P major.

I love when we hold each other’s gaze
and time stands still as the world turns without us
and I look deeply into your beautiful brown eyes
until our two souls are content.

I love your little pout
and so sorry about laughing.
I really do take your disgruntlements seriously,
but your pout just turns me inside out
and joy creeps out through my grin.

I love the way you rub your eyes
with a loose fist when tired,
just like in the cartoons.

I love the way you sleep like an Egyptian
in eternal slumber with your beautiful cheek turned to one side
parenthesized by your arms overstretched
like Queen Nefertiti.
Such confluence of the Goddess in one little face.
I am your humble servant, your highness.

I love the way you burp before I count to seven after I sit you up from a good feeding.
I love the way you bop to the tunes, indiscriminately catching the beat.
I love the way you have way more fun than a rubber ducky at bath time.
I love the way you sigh as if you just put in a satisfied day of being you.
I love how your long lashes grace your cheek in slow motion
like a butterfly’s kiss.

I love the way my lips feel when I kiss your tiny ear
then I love the way your head smells like baby.
1 part innocence, 1 part cuteness and 1 part love.

I’d love to write down your stories
but at this point your baby words are a bit hard to spell.

I love your full body yawns and your little kerchoos,
precious miniature memories of my late Grandpy’s grander versions.

In fact, I love every breathe you take and everything you do.
I love your babyness,
because I love you.

But for A Moment – Poem

April 4, 2009

I close my eyes but for a moment
and then I see our 15 week old
peacefully asleep
after long day
of being adorable,
lighting up smiles in others,
exploring her hands and toys
and making her parents tear up
with unspeakable joy.

I close my eyes but for a moment
and then I see our 15-month-old
peacefully asleep
after a long day
of running, walking, hopping,
telling delightful stories,
exploring her world
and making her parents laugh.

I close my eyes for but a moment
then I see our 15-year-old
peacefully asleep
after a long day at school
building friendships,
exploring talents,
finding her own way to make a difference
and making her parents proud.

I close my eyes for but a moment
and 15 years have passed
our daughter has found a passionate career,
her souls mirror,
and a baby to love
and now making new grandparents tear up
with unspeakable joy.

I close my eyes for but a moment
and the gift of life and it’s timeless love carries on.

Hannah Katherine Davison 15 weeks old