Leading in the Culture of Human Potential

March 7, 2011

What is it like to hang out at your work place? Are people vibrant and alive and fresh to serve? Here’s a trend at work where staff are moving ahead faster than management can keep up. Have you got first hand experience of what I am about to share with you? Enjoy…

Employees are changing and evolving in regards to how they see themselves in relation to their work and their expectations for finding connection, fulfillment and success. Professional development programs, HR practices, leadership styles and even meeting processes must reflect this change and feed staff and management who are hungry for new ways to gain satisfaction from the work-a-day world.. Leaders who ignore this hunger and unknowingly starve the desire for attitudes and tools that will help their people feel excited and be more fully alive at work risk making the culture of entitlement the default environment.

The culture of entitlement works like a bad apple in a barrel. Unchecked, it spreads its increasing influence until all is rotten to the core. In this “me first” environment you will find staff on their tiptoes reaching for their performance expectations only when the supervisor is watching. People take more mental health days and TBIF is the most effective incentive program. Precious management time is consumed by mitigating lost productivity, replacing the smart ones who jump ship and refereeing covert power struggles and suppressed conflicts.

Successful leaders in the culture of human potential recognize that the life force of corporate performance is personal performance. In order for fast companies to grow and thrive they must find new ways to help staff feed their desire to self manage. People who are driven from within to create harmony, find greater purpose with daily tasks and leave on Friday with more energy than when they started the week. Leaders are increasingly called to generate better working environments, both personally and culturally where people are serving in a climate that encourages enjoyment and a sense of ownership. This culture of human potential must support its people who are willing to change in order to live productively.

This is the new ROI. A Return On Imagination where the individuals are encouraged to contribute to something greater than themselves. It is a work culture where real answers are sought to the question, “How can leaders inspire people to self-manage and motivate themselves from within?” The awakened culture of human potential is more than fresh faces, light hearts and bright ideas. It is ultimately the result of a welcomed invitation for management and staff to unite in a joint venture and become part of a growing movement throughout the world to transform our corporations, communities, families, and individual lives into more balanced, respectful, and conscious environments.

Here’s a bit of the old “how to”

1. Invite overt dissent: There are two sides to every proposal or initiative. Invite the naysayers to voice as much as the yes people. Hear them out face-to-face or risk suppressing negativity that will eventually ooze out in barbs in the lunchroom or worst still, taken home.

2. Encourage and recognize virtues: Values based leadership expired when Enron execs valued lining their pockets more than serving the people. Values are too subjective, too malleable by circumstance. Virtues are the traits of character and not subjected to history or greed. They exist across all cultures as the foundations of personal integrity.

3. Be the change: Role model gratitude, balanced living, passion, presence and purpose and any other lead-by-example traits you expect of others in a thriving culture of human potential.

4. Flex your identity: When the giant awakes it can be very threatening to old school management styles because people want to participate, feel heard and validated for their suggestions and that could mean you just might have to think differently.

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Resolution Flops

February 16, 2010

How are you doing sticking to your New Year resolutions? If you are like most people, myself included, that 30 min daily workout you promised yourself has slipped to 20 min and every other day.

The common refrains start to utter forth from our cheatin’ lips: “I’ll start again next week”, “Just one couldn’t hurt”, “It’s too cold out today”, “I’m too tired today.” And so the rationalizations and justifications on the slippery slope heading to a resolution flop have begun.

Why do resolutions flop?

People are motivated in two directions. A. To “move away from” or B. to “move toward.” Both light the fires of determination and both have a soft underbelly that can sabotage success.

“Move Away From” motivation is typically faster, reactive and happens over a short term. Examples include anything that related to getting away from painful, uncomfortable or unhealthy experiences, people or situations.

The problem can arise because the further you get away from the pain, etc. the more your motivation fades in proportion making it harder to stay on track with discipline.

Enter the balance driver to take you over the hump to the bright shiny future.

“Move Toward” motivation is typically slower, proactive and unrolls over time. Examples include anything with a future visioning caring that something that could be yet to come.

Tap into the juice of “getting away” in the short term but be sure to also tap the dream to deliver desired results over time.

Here are 5 additional causes of resolution flops and what you can do about them. If you want the full meal deal I have an DVD resource that will take you beyond what you imagined possible. Check it out here http://bit.ly/61IZI2

Resolution Flop Cause #5
Lack of Helpful Role Models in Your Circle of Influence
Anti-flop: Invite people to help form a circle of advisors and or read about inspirational people like Helen Keller.

Resolution Flop Cause #4
Unaccountable to no one for success or failure
Set Trackable Intention Today by setting a future date tioaccomplish a measurable goal. Write and date a cheque for $500 for that day for a trusted friend who promises to cash it if you do succeed.

Resolution Flop Cause #3
Lost Self Worth – Reclaim Personal Magnetism Today
“Everything you have done or not done is worthy of love”

Resolution Flop Cause #2
Luke Warm Heart of Desire – Get Passion Fire
“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Resolution Flop Cause #1
Fuzzy Vision – Get Crystal Clear Today
Be, do and have with clarity of purpose

Anti-flop antidote available here http://bit.ly/61IZI2